Fantastic new worship song (that doesn’t really sound like a worship song) from Grand Vanity

Fantastic new worship song (that doesn’t really sound like a worship song) from Grand Vanity

We were really pleased to see that our friend, ex-Musicademy tutor and all-round good egg Greg Jong (and his lovely wife Dani) who moved from sunny High Wycombe to not-so-sunny Los Angeles a few years ago, has finally got round to making a worship album. And the best thing about it is – it doesn’t sound like a worship album!

Good day students of the ‘cademy. Here’s a new worship song from Hollywood for you! I suppose Hollywood is not the normal origin for this kind of music, typically you’d expect Christian music to come out of Nashville. But do not fear… it comes from a former Musicademy guitar teacher who previously taught sweet riffs in Rickmansworth and Hazlemere.

For some reason the Good Lord has me here in California leading worship at Ecclesia church right on Hollywood Blvd… a strange place to work, I walk over Shania Twain’s star on a daily basis and the building where we meet was once Warner Brothers’ flagship West Coast movie theatre! I’ve been out in SoCal for almost 7 years now, so can never move back to England because any temperature below 20 celsius has me shivering.

Anyway, my band just released an EP of worship songs, most of which were recorded in the aforementioned spooky old theatre, and these songs were written largely for our church to sing. We call ourselves Grand Vanity, and have small lineup of myself and my wife Dani. I must say it was an unexpected move for us to put out this EP because we had previously put out purely indie/rock music. But we’re glad to offer a slightly different flavour of worship music, and for all you guitar aficionados a few lesser used chords.

The EP is available for download in all the usual places: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. But I recommend getting it from our Bandcamp page as it’s cheaper and you get a free Songbook PDF with your download.

Enjoy it!

Greg Jong

Thanks to Greg for sharing this with us. (Do check out the Grand Vanity website – we love their description of themselves).

And let us know what you think in the comments box below. Notice any influences?