Guest Posts – be a Musicademy blogger

Guest Posts – be a Musicademy blogger

We’ve really enjoyed the recent number of guest posts we have had on the Musicademy blog. It brings a greater diversity to our content and enables a wider range of voices to be heard. We also know from feedback that our subscribers really appreciate the content here – thanks for reading and contributing your comments.

If you would like to submit something then please email us. We can’t promise to publish everything received but do guarantee to read everything that comes in. Its fine if the article has been published elsewhere already (so long as we have permission to use).

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you will know that the content is quite wide but to give you some ideas, this is the kind of thing we publish:

  • Practical tips regarding musicianship
  • Theological discussion on worship
  • Stories of your journey as a musican/worship leader etc
  • Funny maybe even controversial posts
  • Video clips
  • Tech stuff

And if you’ve nothing to write but would like to see us cover a topic then do let us know.