How to ensure you see ALL our Facebook updates

Facebook have made a number of changes recently which have penalised organisations like Musicademy with Facebook Pages. Facebook is severely limiting how many of our “fans” get to see our updates. Of course this is simply because Facebook is trying to force brands to pay for advertising – we don’t mind doing some ads but we feel it’s a bit out of order to have to pay advertise to people who have already subscribed to our updates.

So, for instance, whilst we have nearly 7,000 subscribers (or fans), typically less than 10% of these will be shown our content in their newsfeed. Even if you get to see some of our updates you probably aren’t seeing them all!

There is a way around this and it just requires you to make it clear to Facebook that you are very keen to hear from us!

All you need to do is go to

Click on the “Liked” button and select both “Get Notifications” AND “Show in Newsfeed”. The most important here is “Get Notifications” because whilst you would think “Show in Newsfeed” would work, you will still not be guaranteed to see everything – only those updates Facebook deems that you will like.

We hope that makes sense. Please comment below if you need any help.

We’re particularly keen for people to get these updates because that is where most of the interesting conversation and discussion happens between subscribers – our “Ask the Expert” posts are particularly popular. As you probably know, we work hard to make sure that our updates are relevant and useful rather than full of spammy sales messages.