Worship Vocals

Worship-focused professional vocals training for church singers

Musicademy’s Worship Vocals Course

Transform your voice with this step-by-step instructional programme. A year of vocal lessons on this 8-hour course.

Learn professional techniques for breathing, projection and control, harmony skills and spontaneous singing. The course is built using well known worship songs.

You will increase your confidence and delivery in worship singing learning:

  • Correct breathing, use of the diaphragm,
  • Head and chest voice,
  • Falsetto
  • Vibrato
  • Over 30 comprehensive vocals warm up exercises
  • Essential music theory made easy
  • Singing from scripture and spontaneous song
  • Harmony construction
  • Backing vocal techniques
  • Working with a band

The Worship Vocals Course is taught by Kate Silber, co-founder and Head of Vocals at Nexus, Europe’s largest worship training college. Kate previously worked full time as a singer in a UK Christian touring band teaching in schools and training musicians. Guest lessons by Lloyd Wade and other vocal coaches feature gospel vocals and other techniques.

Vocal Warm-up CDs and Downloads

Singing warm-up CDs and Downloads

We have four CDs and downloads combining exercises for warming-up your voice as well as developing your range, tone and power.

Learn to sing harmonies and backing vocals

This 2 volume series is designed for both male and female singers at any level who’d like to learn how to harmonize or improve their backing vocals skills.

Each lesson starts with a short video tutorial covering harmony and background vocal technique followed by a demonstration and sing along using two separate harmony parts:

  • 20 instructional video lessons covering harmony and background vocal technique
  • 2 separate harmony parts for each song to copy and learn
  • On screen words
  • And a full version of every song to practice to

Techniques covered include:

  • How to form basic harmonies
  • Finding harmonies above and below the melody
  • Echoes and ad libs
  • More challenging harmony parts
  • Harmonies that push your vocal range
  • Using head and chest voice
  • Blending and supporting the lead vocal
  • Matching drop-off, inflections and vibrato
  • Using dynamics to create tension and release
  • Finding harmonies to chords outside of the key
  • Using pedaling, 1sts, 5ths and 7ths to create textures