Featured Resource – Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVDs + save with 15% off coupon

Featured Resource – Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVDs + save with 15% off coupon


With over 40 titles, spanning multiple instruments and varying levels of ability, the Musicademy product range can be a little confusing for customers. We’re therefore going to focus on a different DVD resource each week giving you the low down so that you can decide if its the right DVD for you.

Save 15% – use the coupon “FEATURE” this week only at the checkout to secure 15% off the cost of this weeks’ featured resource – the Musicademy Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar Course. Hurry – the coupon expires on 7th April.

The story behind the DVD

We first started producing guitar instruction DVDs back in 2005 and at that point released the original Beginners and Intermediate Guitar courses. These titles are still in production and still doing a great job of teaching people worship guitar. What we found, however, from customer feedback was that existing players found the Intermediate course a little too electric guitar focussed and, with the majority of worship leaders leading from acoustic guitar it made sense for us to create an intermediate level DVD specifically designed for acoustic guitarists.

By this point we had taught many hundreds more worship guitarists in live lessons so had developed a pretty good idea of what they were looking for by way of instruction. A much larger repertoire of acoustic chords and voicings in different open keys was in big demand along with strumming pattern ideas as well as finger picking styles, licks and tricks to add interest and beauty. Transposing was also needed so we included a guide for finding 4 capo positions in all 12 keys was included.

With this as the base for content as well as a few bonus extras such as lessons for those who struggle with barre chords, backing tracks, and even guitar buyers guides we bought some new cameras and started filming the DVDs. The result in 2009 was a triple DVD box set which was regonised by Worship Leader Magazine with a Best of the Best Award.

Kim Gentes, Editor at worshipmusic.com also gave the DVDs a great review “A complete, and fully featured 7 hour course that will revamp and energize your acoustic guitar skills. This is a resource that is meant for rhythm players, and especially worship leaders. In fact, much of the items covered in the course, targets common applications for worship leaders such as fresh strumming patterns for common worship song rhythms. But the DVDs do not get you bogged down into bastions of skill sets for long periods of time. Instead, like other Musicademy products, this course flows from point to point and interjects interviews, quick tips and concepts that apply to the lessons being learned. This is a true course, not just a terse summary of best ideas from a guitar guru. If you are an acoustic player looking for a sure-fire resource to move you along to the next level- this is it!”

MORE INFO / ORDER – remember to use the code “FEATURE” to save 15% – hurry – offer ends on 7th April 2010.

Watch the trailer

Try before you buy with a free lesson – This lesson shows you how to use Add9 and 5 chords to add strength and beauty to your playing.

MORE INFO / ORDER – remember to use the code “FEATURE” to save 15% – hurry – offer ends on 7th April 2010.

What you will learn:

* Over 60 new substitute chord shapes in keys G,C,D,A,E and B
* How to build strumming patterns around the groove + 35 usable patterns
* 18 finger style and 30 strumming technique ideas
* 10 licks in the style of James Taylor, John Mayer and John Martyn
* 12 unique exercises to help you master Travis picking – great for hymns!
* Tricks for playing any open chord in B without barre chords or capo!
* Use 10ths and 6ths to play alternative acoustic chord voicings up the neck
* Use “5″ and add9 chords for power and beauty
* Find four different capo positions for all 12 keys
* Play barre chords without the pain!
* Understand Nashville numbering to transpose easily into any key


* Daily practice backing tracks
* How to use high strung and baritone guitars in worship
* Acoustic guitar buyers guide

Do you already have the original Intermediate Guitar Course? Don’t worry –  the material is totally different. Read about the differences here.