Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar DVDs Launched

Today we have launched what we think will be our most popular DVD to date -The Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar Course.

Its perfect for acoustic worship guitarists who want to take their playing to the next level. A years’ worth of lessons, tricks and techniques. 7 hours of instruction on 3 DVDs plus animated graphics, close up shots tips from worship leaders.

You will learn

  • Over 60 new substitute chord shapes in keys G,C,D,A,E and B
  • How to build strumming patterns around the groove + 35 usable patterns
  • 18 finger style and 30 strumming technique ideas
  • 10 licks in the style of James Taylor, John Mayer and John Martyn
  • 12 unique exercises to help you master Travis picking – great for hymns!
  • Tricks for playing any open chord in B without barre chords or capo!
  • Use 10ths and 6ths to play alternative acoustic chord voicings up the neck
  • Use “5” and add9 chords for power and beauty
  • Find four different capo positions for all 12 keys
  • Play barre chords without the pain!
  • Understand Nashville numbering to transpose easily into any key


  • Daily practice backing tracks
  • How to use high strung and baritone guitars in worship
  • Acoustic guitar buyers guide

And by the way, the material is totally different material to that contained in Musicademy’s other intermediate guitar course. Click through to buy from our webstore.

Here’s a sample lesson on using Add 9 chords

And a short sample on Tricks in G

To BUY go to our webstore. We’re shipping from Texas today and from our UK office on Monday 8th December.