Learn how to improvise using orchestral instruments in worship

We are pleased to announce the release today of our latest DVD – Improvisation Skills For Orchestral Instruments in Worship. Its the perfect instructional resource for single melody musicians (violin, cello, brass, woodwind, sax etc) teaching you how to play WITHOUT THE MUSIC!

This 3-DVD course is designed for any single melody instrument wanting to play by ear and improvise in contemporary worship. Building on your existing classical skills, this DVD course will teach you to play by ear in worship.

You will learn how to:

    * Use your knowledge of keys, scales and arpeggios to create improvised parts
    * Play notes that fit in both major and minor keys without sheet music
    * Blend with other instruments without set parts
    * Work out sharps and flats in any key using a foolproof method
    * Use chord tones as the basis of playing by ear
    * Create effective harmonies and new melody lines
    * Develop tasteful playing using melodic hooks phrasing and dynamics
    * Improvise using auxiliary, added and passing notes
    * Use the Nashville numbering system to transpose by ear

Applied using songs How Great is Our God, Forever, In Christ Alone, Happy Day, Faithful One, God of Justice and the hymn Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus. Suitable for all ability levels.

Plus daily practice backing tracks with on screen chord charts.

Six hours of lessons, tips and backing tracks on three DVDs .
Plus tips from Brenton Brown, Tim Hughes, Martin Neal, Chris Bowater, Noel Robinson, Tommy Walker, Noel Richards, Tre Sheppard, Aaron Keyes, Stu G (Delirious).