Learn to sing harmonies in church worship

Learn to sing harmonies in church worship

How to sing harmonies in church

Have you ever wanted to learn to sing harmony in worship songs but just don’t seem to manage it as effortlessly as some singers do?

With this new 2-DVD course (or online download) we have unlocked the secrets of harmony and backing vocals by teaching you easy-to-remember harmony lines to 20 well known worship songs. Each song features two alternative harmony lines for you to copy and learn (choose one or both to suit your range) and the various techniques are each explained beforehand in an instructional video clip.

As you work through the material you will view the short video instructional lesson for each song and then be able to listen to the song with each harmony part picked out louder than usual in separate mixes so that you can easily sing along, copy and learn. There are on-screen words as well as a standard mix version of each song to practice to.


Learn the basics of vocal harmonization

In DVD 1 you will learn how to to sing harmony to 10 worship songs including:

  • How to form basic harmonies
  • Understanding 3rds & 5ths
  • Finding harmonies above and below the melody
  • When and when not to sing
  • Using unison effectively
  • Matching lead vocal phrasing
  • Pads or vowel sounds to add colour,
  • Emphasising key phrases to add punctuation
  • Echoes and ad libs

More advanced harmony and background vocal techniques

In DVD 2 you will learn more advanced harmony and BV techniques for 10 more songs:

  • More challenging harmony parts
  • Harmonies that push your vocal range
  • Using head and chest voice
  • Blending and supporting the lead vocal
  • Matching drop-off, inflections and vibrato
  • Avoiding crossing over parts
  • Using dynamics to create tension and release
  • Finding harmonies to chords outside of the key
  • Using pedaling, 1sts, 5ths and 7ths to create textures
  • Close harmonies and smooth voice leading

Each 2-hour DVD features 10 video backing tracks to worship songs including:

  • 2 separate harmonies for every song to copy and learn
  • Full song to practice along to
  • On screen lyrics

The content is suitable for both men and women, singers of all abilities. Included in the videos are loads of tips and advice on the art of backing vocals from professional singer Andreana Arganda who has sung on over 50 live and studio worship albums with Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, David Ruis, Casey Corum, Andy Park and many others.


Below is a sample track showing one of the harmonies to Tim Hughes’ song Beautiful One. Before you get to this you’ll have watched the lesson and have been taught all about how to pick out and sing the harmony line.

Once you understand the basics of harmonization practice is key to gaining in confidence. Because of that we include practice backing tracks for all 20 worship songs. There is a low harmony and high harmony for each track. You can listen and then join in and sing along confident in your harmony line.