Play by Ear and Understand Chords DVDs

Play by Ear and Understand Chords DVDs


Learn to play worship music by ear

Previously we told you a little about our new Play by Ear and Understand Chords DVDs which are now available. Click through to buy from the webstore.

We thought you might like to see a break down of the chapters and lessons – You’ll learn about:

Keys, notes and scales – the basic building blocks of playing by ear

  • Finding and understanding keys
  • The major scale
  • Three types of minor scale
  • Improvising

Chords – learning their notes, sounds and construction for ear training

  • Major, minor diminished and augmented chords
  • Suspended, add9, & power chords
  • Extended chords
  • Inversions and slash chords
  • Other chords that come up in songs

Ear training in worship

  • Hearing diatonic and chromatic intervals
  • Hearing the sounds of different types of chord
  • Hearing chord progressions & bass lines
  • Hearing chords outside the key
  • Playing songs by Ear

Transcribing worship music

  • Working out a song by ear without sheet music
  • Songs in both major and minor keys
  • Songs with chords outside the key

Transposing worship music

  • Putting songs into other keys by ear
  • The Nashville numbering system
  • Key transposing for orchestral instruments

Arranging worship music

  • Chord Substitutions
  • Developing chord knowledge for Song writing

Over 8 hours of lessons, tips and backing tracks demos and tests on 4 DVDs – Suitable for guitar, bass, keyboard & orchestral players, even singers!