NEW! MultiTrack Pro Ableton wav stems

NEW! MultiTrack Pro Ableton wav stems

Ask and you shall receive…

Hello everyone. Since we launched our original Worship Backing Band Multitrack player we’ve had lots of our more technical users ask if the instrument stems can used in their favourite DAW software (Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Garageband etc).

We made our own Multitrack player extremely easy to use and because of that we needed to design a bespoke file format to allow users to download songs in a single file without having to do any assembly work or be familiar with and invest in music sequencing DAW software.

But since we always aim to please at Musicademy we’ve decided to release our multitracks as high quality WAV stems for all you experienced DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software users. You get exactly the same multitracks in high quality WAV format complete with 14 instrument stems per song including lead and background vocals, a click track, shaker click, two bar intro click and even a vocal cue for song sections and hard to remember lyrics.

But there’s more…

The product we have launched is called Worship Backing Band Ableton Pro Wav Stems.

So as well as the 14 WAV stems per song you also get a fully configured Ableton Session file in Arrangement view with all the time consuming assembly work done for you. We’ve even configured the song section marker points so all you have to do is download and unzip the file, click on the Ableton icon and it’s ready to go.

The WAVs will of course work in any DAW software but we’ve chosen to give you the Ableton session file because we think it’s the most usable DAW platform for running tracks live. Ableton is a very powerful tool that has the flexibility to grow with your creativity.

What you get

14 stems (WAV) + Ableton session file

Stem order:

1 – Two Bar Intro Click

2 – Lead Vox

3 – Backing Vox

4 – Acoustic Guitar

5 – Electric Guitar 1

6 – Electric Guitar 2

7 – Keyboards 1

8 – Keyboards 2

9 – Bass

10 – Drums

11 – Extras (more guitars/keys/programming etc – song specific)

12 – Click

13 – Shaker click

14 – Vox Cue – spoken word vocal cue (lyrics, count-ins, sections, endings etc)

Advanced Session View Template

Ableton users can also buy an Advanced Session View Template

This template is designed to allow you to use Ableton session view alongside the MultiTrack Pro Wav Stems from Worship Backing Band and contains  some addiontional very powerful features

  • Store all your tracks in one master template
  • Simply reassign your midi controllers prior to each set. No need to create a set for each service
  • Full set of director cues for keeping the band tight in on the fly arrangement changes
  • Plus! Template includes Ambient pads in 12 keys for transitioning between songs or filling out your sound

Free Ableton training videos

If this all sounds wonderful but you are an Ableton newbie, we’ve put together a comprehensive set of free Ableton training videos where we show you how to use the platform – all demonstrated with our Worship Backing Band Wav Pro stems.

Want one-to-one training?

And if you would like some bespoke one-to-one training on Ableton with our resident specialist, Kristian Ponsford then take a look at the options for a Skype tutorial. We’ve yet to find anyone that knows as much about Ableton as Kristian, or who explains it quite so clearly. Kristian presents our Ableton training videos so you can get an idea of his style by watching those.

Which MultiTrack product should I pick?

If you want a simple, great value solution go for our own Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player and tracks. It’s by far the easiest most cost effective way to run MultiTracks in church and does everything that most churches need – new version includes key and tempo change functions.

But if you’re more technically minded and want the ultimate freedom in the way you run multitracks then using WAVs with Ableton provides the most creative flexibility of any solution out there. Ableton is immensely powerful, you can build your own arrangements, build and add loops, add video, record, assign multiple foldback mixes, control it from any midi controller… even run you’re light show from it if that’s what you’re into!

Buying the WAVs and Ableton session files

Simply click through to the website and select which Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Pro Wav Stems you would like. Obviously you will also need Ableton or similar DAW.