New MultiTrack worship backing tracks!

New MultiTrack worship backing tracks!

10 new worship backing tracks

You’ll be pleased to know at Worship Backing Band we’ve been working on some new MultiTrack backing tracks! Actually we’ve made some major changes to the way we produce tracks so over the coming months we’ll now be adding to the catalogue in batches of 10 new songs at a time.

One of the major changes is that I (Andy) have stepped back to being more directly involved in the making of the music itself. So I’m recording and engineering all the guitars and heavily involved in the production alongside a couple of great guys,Paul Evans and Dave Plumb.

Paul might be a familiar name to some of you as he’s been a hugely popular session drummer for many of the UK’s worship albums in the last 10 years as well being Delirious’s drummer for their final three years together as a band. So he’s looking after drums and preliminary production and Dave looks after keys, programming, vocals (along with others who might be wandering aimlessly around his studio) and final edits and mix.

Again Dave will be known to many as he was a founding member/vocalist/ producer/writer of Kingsway singed urban pop band 29th Chapter. He, and his wife, Hope, have also been involved in some of the live Soul Survivor albums in the UK and written a few tracks with Tim Hughes.

The other member of the team is the ubiquitous Matt Weeks who provides all things low end and bassy (bassie? bassee?). Matt has been the live and studio bassist of choice for many well known worship leaders over the years including Redman, Hughes, Beeching, Richards, Townend, Kendrick, Doerksen, Baloche, Tomlin, to name but a few and of course the absolute highlight and pinnacle of his career… teaching on all the Musicademy Bass DVDs.

This of course leaves me with the dream title – Executive Producer, (which mostly means I make the tea and buy lunch).

Tracks wise, we’ve recorded the first 10 to reflect some of what you guys have been asking for. That is, a few ‘big numbers’ in the CCLI charts, faster songs, modern hymns, more Jesus Culture and Hillsong and even some new upcoming stuff that we think are going to be long lasters over the years. Tracks are:

  1. Better is One Day – Matt Redman
  1. Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) – Casting Crowns
  1. Jesus Paid It All – Kristian Standfill (Passion)
  1. Your Love Never Fails – Chris McClarney Anthony Skinner
  1. Forever Reign –  Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram, (Hillsong)
  1. Lead Me to the Cross – Brooke Fraser (Hillsong)
  1. 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin,
  1. Friend of God –IsraelHoughton. Michael Gungor.
  1. O Praise Him – David Crowder
  1. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jesse Reeves,

We’re already recording the second batch of 10 and will role out more batches over the coming months and years to give you guys as bigger catalogue choice as we can. As before all songs have 14 instrument stems including lead and background vocals (most competitor backing tracks don’t have any vocals, which can be hard to follow..) 3 guitars, 2 keyboards, bass, drums, other parts in our ‘extras’ stem and even a click track, shaker click, intro click and a spoken word vocal cue for hard to remember lyrics, songs sections, intros, endings etc.

Plus all the tracks will be available in all of our downloadable formats including our own Worship Backing Band Multitrack player, our new Ableton based MultiTrack WAV stems and even our split vocal video downloads with on screen lyrics.

Hope you enjoy them!

To buy the new backing tracks

Head on over to the Worship Backing Band website. And take advantage of the bulk buy discount – put 12 tracks into your cart and you will only be charged for 10 of them.