Musicademy survey results – what you said

Musicademy survey results – what you said

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to complete our recent online survey. To date we’ve had around 500 responses and its still open if you would like to add your views. We have really appreciated the feedback and in particular the comments you made about the blog, the website and our products. We’ve reviewed each response in detail and have tried to reply personally to anyone who raised a particular issue.


For those who are interested here is a summary of the statistics and our responses.

74% really like the blog and newsletter with the remaining 26% considering it OK.

The most popular articles are Ask The Expert, the free video clips, the practical tips series, articles on worship with posts on guitar, vocals and keyboards being the most popular of the instruments. It seems like we have the balance right so will continue with the mix. Do comment on individual posts or email us with your thoughts on what else you would like to see.

85% of people feel that we get the frequency of blog posts and newsletters about right so we’ll carry on with four or five blog posts a week and a newsletter every ten days or so.

It was good to have lots of practical suggestions about our DVDs (and many of these have already been implemented in our more recent releases such as Acoustic Guitar and Orchestral Instruments). A huge 85% of people thought that the Guitar DVDs are a “Great product” (only 2% were not happy with it). Overall we saw a 98% satisfaction rating for our DVD products (customers rating them either Great or OK).

In terms of price 75% consider our range to be either great value or about right. Many people reflected on their value in comparison with one to one lessons.

The most popular choices for future products are guitar, keys, vocals, worship backing band (backing tracks), band skills and tech stuff. We plan to include all these in new releases over the next couple of years. Customers are keen for more intermediate and advanced products. Again, we will seek to create these for you.

We drew a survey response at random in our competition. The winner Gary Jordan from Wisconsin decided on one of the Guitar DVDs.

Below are a number of many positive comments that were made – thanks so much for taking the time to write. And you are always welcome to email us – don’t wait for another survey to give us your feedback or ask questions:

“The DVDs we have purchased are circulated through the adult & youth bands & used heavily. I have to work hard to get them back-because they are used…not because they have gotten lost-although that has happened too! That is a significant change! Even our guys who “know everything” are willing to watch them.
The sound handbook is wonderful & has become our initial training tool.”

“Musicademy is an excellent resource which our whole team has access to. It’s accessible, relevant and has a good range of products at varying costs, to suit most requirements and pockets. Thank you and keep it up, guys!”

“Honestly – really love this. for a self-taught guitar player (of more years than I’m prepared to admit), I’m finding the pace great.”

“Every e-newsletter contains info that is valuable to me as a worship leader. Thanks so much for what you guys do. It really helps me, personally, and also my team expand and hone the talents God has given us!”

” I have only just begun watching the beginner keyboards set, but I have been impressed with how well everything is explained, and how easy it is to follow what he is doing when the camera switches to keyboard view so you can see his fingers. I have also purchased the intermediate set, and I can’t wait to get up to them.”

“The content of the DVDs are fantastic.”

“Keep it up – yours is the most used worship resource I’ve got.”

“Thank you Lord for providing us with a great resource that can be used to glorify you in the very heart of our worship.”

“I really appreciate hearing from you guys and seeing what God is doing in other places. It’s encouraging to know that other people are serving faithfully and sharing what they’ve learned with others in the body of Christ.”

“You guys are awesome and have helped me a bunch. Thanks for all you do. God Bless!!”

“I have been impressed with how quickly you email back if I send through a question. My Dvds also arrived very quickly to Australia, only taking a week, which was great as I couldn’t wait to begin watching them!”

“Thanks for your great resources. This is the first company I have purchased from and never been let down. I’ve spent $1,000s of dollars on trying to be a better (self – trained) keys player. But nothing has come close to the assistance you have given me in your amazing instructional pieces (videos, dvds, articles etc).
You are my favorite worship resource for training.”

“Love your site, so many sites out there but yours hits the spot! Keep the humour coming, we could always do with more laughing. Thanks to you all at Musicademy for serving the church this way. ”

“I am involved with the Youth ministry in my area, and the dvds, and lessons I have got and used are a large part of my ministry, the songs that were on the begining guitar lessons are some of the first I introduced to the kids and now they are alternated every week. I am so glad that your products are available. I got my first guitar box set along time ago just to get better at the guitar, now God has placed me in a youth group worship ministry, and I am encouraging the kids to play. Thanx to your teachings I know how to play and teach.”

“Your resources and newsletters have helped me a great deal – thank you!”

Musicademy is an excellent resource which our whole team has access to. It’s accessible, relevant and has a good range of products at varying costs, to suit most requirements and pockets. Thank you and keep it up, guys!”

“I like the guest articles – short but enough to stimulate thought and discussion”

“Useful, helpful, informative and wonderfully relaxed and friendly!”

“Every e-newsletter contains info that is valuable to me as a worship leader.  I very much enjoy them and the blogs that I have read.”

“Okay, so I’ve not purchased all of the above – rather borrowed a few off friends at church. But every product I’ve seen has been great (and even exciting). They make me want to learn every instrument under the Musicademy umbrella.”

“After a Musicademy training day at our church we have been getting our vocalists to warm-up together before each rehearsal and Sunday morning service.”

“The orchestral instrument dvd is on my Christmas list – looking forward to working through that one.”

“This is a good ministry which is offered with fun, humility and experience. Thank you and most of all God!”

“I have always thought of this site as quite unique. An asset to all christians who wish to start learning how to play an instrument,or to improve on what they know.”

“The only think I have purchased is the Vocal Eze throat spray which is amazing. Wow.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for you web-site it has help and encourgaed me manys times. Keep up the faith!!!”