Musicademy Survey – What you said

Musicademy Survey – What you said

Thanks very much to those who took part in our recent survey. We’ve summarized some of the results below.

78% of you access Musicademy information via the newsletter. The Facebook page, blog and website are clearly additionally all useful communications media. The newsletter, in fact, summarizes all the content from the blog. We also post this content on Facebook and Twitter simply because those are the platforms where a many people prefer to access the content. Due to the more informal nature of Facebook we do also include additional stuff there – particularly funny photos and links to other articles. You don’t need to be a member of Facebook to access this information, however if you are, and click to become a “fan” you will see our updates in your news feed.


We were really pleased to see that most of you feel that the frequency of our communications are about right.


What do you like to read?

There is an interesting discrepency between the content you say you read vs what our Google Analytics data tells us are the articles most often clicked on. The bar chart below shows the survey data.


However, looking at our Google Analytics data from the last year which shows exactly which articles are clicked on, it is clear that the funnies are by far the most popular. Our top three most popular pages in 2011 were all humour posts. After that video clips, practical musicianship and articles on particular instruments are all most regularly clicked on.

Why buy from Musicademy?

We asked about what encourages you to purchase from Musicademy. It’s obvious from the responses that product descriptions and video clips on the website backed up with newsletter articles and emails are really important. 77% of you find customer reviews helpful – thanks so much if you have reviewed a product in the past. If you’d like to help us out in this area please just find the product on the webstore and click through to the reviews featured with each product.

Which products are you buying?

The majority of you taking part in the survey have previously purchased DVDs, the MultiTrack Player or online lessons from Musicademy. Judging from the responses alone, our most popular products are resources for guitar followed by keyboards, vocals, bass and the various Worship Backing Band products. This certainly reflects our actual sales data.

59% of those who have purchased guitar DVDs have more than one title so it’s good to see that we clearly have loyal customers. Bass customers are also very keen with significant number of repeat purchases.

What other musical training have you had?

85% of you had previously taken music lessons. Three quarters of these were not Christian focused. This will partly explain why 81% of you said that one of the reasons for choosing Musicademy products was the focus on worship music. It was also good to see many citing the focus on practical musicianship, the quality of the teaching and value for money as other good reasons for purchase.

Who responded?

As far as demographics go, our survey sample was very reflective of our normal customer base. We saw a 60/40 male/female split with most respondents being over 35. 54% of those responding described themselves as a worship leader with just 20% a church leader or pastor. 46% buy for their own use and 31% for use by their worship team. 58% of respondents were in North America, 32% in the UK and the remainder split across the rest of the world.

What do you think of Musicademy?

We found the question on brand “personality” really interesting. We’ve created a little graphic of the main responses below. Certainly we do try really hard to balance professionalism with being helpful and friendly. We have quite a direct and honest approach – we’re glad that seems to be working for most of you. It felt as if there was a lot of love for Musicademy out there. Thanks so much for such an overwhelming response.