New Advanced Keyboards DVDs launched today

New Advanced Keyboards DVDs launched today

As a keyboard player do you ever feel frustrated that you don’t really venture beyond standard piano and pad sounds on your instrument?

Our new Advanced Keyboard DVDs will guide you step-by-step to unlocking more creative potential in your playing. Taking 10 popular worship songs, Tim Martin unpacks all the keyboard parts from a professional recording and shows you how to achieve the same sounds. The DVDs feature:

  • Multiple keyboard parts unpacked for 10 contemporary worship songs
  • An in-depth instructional video lesson for each song
  • High quality practise backing tracks selectable with or without keyboards
  • On-screen chord charts for every backing track

The two 2-hour instructional and backing track DVDs will teach you how to:

  • Play tasteful, well executed keyboard parts
  • Find interesting piano chord voicings
  • Use Hammond organ
  • Play authentic string, pad and synth sounds
  • Use riffs to develop effective parts and create melodic interest
  • Use modulation and delay effects
  • Replicate time-synched effects live
  • Understand when and when not to play
  • Ideas for two simultaneous keys players
  • Make use of more keyboard sounds

Featuring worship songs:

Hosanna – Brooke Frazer
Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
In Christ Alone – Stuart Townend, Keith Getty
Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
Holy Is The Lord – Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio
Hungry – Kathryn Scott
Everlasting God – Brenton Brown, Ken Riley
Thank You For Saving Me – Martin Smith
Mighty To Save – Rueben Morgan
Indescribable – Laura Story

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Not yet ready for Advanced Keyboards?

Our Beginners Keyboard Box Set DVDs are perfect for new players and will get you playing simple worship songs in a variety of keys using a chords-based teaching method – no need to spend years learning how to read music.

Our Internediate Keyboard Box Set is aimed at helping existing players go beyond the plateau they may have reached, and will further guide classically trained players on chords-playing know how.