New electric, acoustic and bass ‘Song Based’ lessons launched today

Over the years our Song Learner and Worship Collection Lessons have been really popular, especially for people who have gone through our curriculum-focused worship courses first and want to explore more songs and techniques such as those used on professional recordings.

So we’re delighted to announce a new look category called “Song Based Lessons” that incorporate your feedback on how we could develop those lessons.

  Acoustic Guitar LessonsWorship Guitar lessons 

Each step by step lesson unpacks a pro standard acoustic, electric or bass guitar part taken from our Worship Backing Band MultiTrack recordings and helps you integrate all those techniques and ideas into your playing to improve your musicianship.

Plus each lesson includes a full-length song play through with all parts on-screen and a handy chord chart complete with beats, bars and timing laid out and designed for non music readers.

We are releasing one Acoustic, Electric or Bass Guitar lesson a week for the foreseeable future and kicking off this week with a lesson from each category. Rend Collective’s Build Your Kingdom Here in Acoustic and Electric with Hillsong’s Oceans for Bass.

Electric Guitar Lessons

The electric guitar lessons incorporate 2-4 electric guitar layers, teaching each part or layer in detail so you can choose the most appropriate to play live with your worship band regardless of how many guitarists you have.

The lessons for Rend Collective’s Build Your Kingdom Here give nice ideas for modern country based electric guitar rhythm parts & licks based around both C and D based chord shapes. Great for building right hand picking dexterity.

Acoustic Worship Guitar Lessons

Our acoustic guitar song based lessons unpack the chord shapes, strumming and picking patterns from a well known worship song.

Build Your Kingdom Here is a great lesson for fast, folk/country strumming.

We break down fast patterns into an easy-to-understand format. Build up your speed and dexterity alongside learning a set of C shape based chord changes that are easy to move between at speed.

Worship Bass Lessons

In the bass lessons we break down the part from a professional recording of a well known song note-for-note and show you the techniques behind the note choice.

Our first lesson is Oceans and shows you how to use major 3rds and low 5ths alongside a useful minor chord lick to create movement in an otherwise quite straight bass part.

Get the lessons in the Subscription site

For now the new Song Based Lessons will only be available on our Subscription website which you can access for either $30 a month or $180 a year. Sign up before the end of March and get 13 months for the price of 12.

It’s even cheaper to buy a team subscription for 3 or more people.

You get instant access to over 1,200 award winning worship training videos. That’s pretty much all the courses we have ever made.

The video lessons are the equivalent of 3-4 years of training for every instrument:

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