New year resolutions for singers

New year resolutions for singers

New Year is a good time to make new goals & look back on what has been achieved over the previous months.

A constant goal I keep renewing myself is to do more regular vocal practice. The VOICE, which is after all a muscle, cannot be expected to get any stronger without ‘working it out’. It is not sufficient to just sing a few songs to exercise the voice as you are only getting to work out the notes and areas in those particular songs. For the best all round exercise, safe & controlled warm-up and means to perfect our vocal technique, we need to use carefully constructed vocal exercises.

I would like to recommend to you the ‘The Complete Vocal Workout for Guys’ and ‘The Complete Vocal Workout for Girls’. These vocal resources have been put together using years of vocal coaching experience aimed at working out and introducing and developing vocal technique to both new and experienced singers. The ‘Guys’ work out has been developed to help the often neglected male vocalists who too often are expected to struggle along with workouts which primarily have women in mind, too high, with female demonstrations and piano parts played in the wrong register making pitching more difficult. Guys, look no further – this workout has all your vocal needs covered and is designed to help you easily flow and follow the exercises.

Ladies, (and gents) the 3 levels on many of the exercises mean that complete beginners can approach the workout unafraid and you can monitor your progress as you develop through the levels. At the same time the ‘more advanced’ singer, can be stretched by the higher levels.

So you may be intimidated by the losing weight, joining the gym, spending less money goals but getting yourself a CD (or downloading the MP3s) to do some fun and regular singing workouts in your car on the way to work, while you’re doing the vacuuming or in the shower is something that EVERYONE can do! Go to the webstore and click to buy.

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Natasha Andrews for this guest post. Natasha presents The Complete Vocal Workout for Guys’ and ‘The Complete Vocal Workout for Girls’.
Photo credit familymwr (Flickr Reative Commons)

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