Questions of Sound – guest blog by Paul Twelftree

Questions of Sound – guest blog by Paul Twelftree

We all know that the sound engineer is key to the sound of our worship bands but what are they actually there to do?

On the one extreme are they there to exactly recreate the sound of the instruments within the band (perhaps coming onstage to hear the instruments – shock!) and faithfully present what can be heard onstage to the congregation? Or are they charged with reworking the sounds from stage into something that works to their taste (phat bass drums and crunchy-rich vocals) and free to interpret what they feel should be presented?

Do we actually tell our engineers what we expect of them, or simply complain when it is not right? Do we allow them to fell part of the band?

Our engineers are critical to the worship of our congregations, let’s all make sure that we acknowledge them and encourage them as much as we would our best worship leader.

Paul Twelftree is part of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB). He trained at Trinity College of Music and has worked within the professional/christian scene for over 15 years originally primarily on trumpet but now playing drums and percussion with various churches, bands as well as teaching. Involved with Pslam Drummers and on remixes for them and other artists. Currently working on a christian remix/mash album.


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