Sneak preview to our new Ear Training tests

Sneak preview to our new Ear Training tests

We’ve been endeavouring to make our upcoming Play by Ear and Understand Chords DVDs the best educational tool we can… So with that in mind the last area we’ve been working on is a really comprehensive set of tests and questions so guys gets the most learning out of the course.

There’ll be 20 audio tests that total over 50 minutes included in the DVDs. Topics covered include:

  1. Finding the key
  2. Notes in the major scale
  3. Hearing intervals ascending
  4. Hearing intervals descending
  5. Hearing intervals ascending and descending
  6. Working out notes in major and minor chords
  7. Hearing major and minor chords
  8. Finding the chords in the key
  9. Hearing inversions
  10. Transcribing simple chord sequences
  11. Transcribing longer chord sequences
  12. Transcribing a song
  13. Transposing using the Nashville Numbering System
  14. Transposing a song into three keys
  15. Basic chord substitution
  16. Notes in Natural, Harmonic and Melodic minor keys
  17. Hearing major, minor, diminished and augmented chords
  18. Hearing other chord types
  19. Hearing different types of 7th chord
  20. Hearing all chord types in sequence

What’s more you’ll be able to download a hard copy of the questions from our website so you can fill them in and mark your answers.

All in all we believe this is going to be the most comprehensive course ear training and chord theory course specifically designed for worship team musicians and leaders out there!

We hope to have the DVD released in the next few weeks.