NEW DVD! Sound Tech and PA Training for Churches

A comprehensive guide, on 4 DVDs, to live audio in church. The course covers mixing, systems, set up and acoustics. Order now.

Musicademy has worked together with audio visual production company SFL Group to create this comprehensive course on sound engineering and PA training for churches.

Perfect for training newcomers to sound engineering and also for old hands who want to make the most of their acoustic space and PA equipment.

Order now to receive your copy. The DVDs are coded Region 0 so play in any country.


A comprehensive guide to live audio: micing, mixing, systems set up and acoustics.

Designed for:

  • Sound techs and mix engineers developing their skills
  • Churches wanting to upgrade or get the best out of their sound system
  • Overcoming loudness, feedback and building acoustics issues

This 4-DVD course covers:

Set Up

  • The hierarchy of importance for sound systems
  • How do I plug it all in?
  • What’s the best way to set up a system?
  • What should I buy next?
  • Troubleshooting – why am I not getting any sound?

Sound Tech & PA Training for Churches

Instrument Mic’ing

  • Spoken word vocals, sung vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar amps, bass guitar, keyboards and pianos, orchestral instruments, drums and percussion

Which Mic should I use?

  • Dynamic, condenser & wireless mics

Building Acoustics

  • How to work with echoey buildings
  • Building acoustics treatments

Speaker Systems

  • Choosing the right speaker system for your church
  • Speaker types, efficiency & placement


Mixing Skills  

  • What do all the controls on the desk do?
  • How do I create a good mix?
  • EQ’ing instruments
  • Using compressors/gates
  • Running sound checks from the desk
  • Mixing foldback monitors

Eliminating Feedback

  • It’s too loud – what can I do?
  • Setting sound pressure levels
  • Controlling musician’s stage levels

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