New! Video backing tracks, onscreen words & split track vocals

New! Video backing tracks, onscreen words & split track vocals

With all the information about our new Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player, you might have missed an additional product range to our repertoire – our new SplitTrack Video Downloads for PC, Mac, IPad, IPod or Smart Phone.

Our original Worship Backing Band DVDs (basically “karaoke” style backing tracks with onscreen words) have been hugely popular but, being a DVD, do have their limitations. Whilst they are great value – you get 54 backing tracks for only $39.99 / £29.99, some users wanted to create their own play lists, and others felt that the words did not come to the screen quite quickly enough for the congregation before the music kicked in.

We’ve addressed both those issues with our new SplitTrack Video Downloads plus added in a fabulous new feature. With SplitTracks you can choose exactly how much of the vocal to have in the mix. This means that you can choose the volume level of the vocal from nothing to full via your left/right audio balance so that you can hear either no vocals, a little vocals or a full vocal lead.

The SplitTrack vocals mean that less confident singers (or indeed the rest of the band and congregation) can have the professional vocal line in their foldback so that they can hear where to come in and pitch more accurately. 

There are on screen words for each song which come up in time with the music – a little earlier than in our DVDs. And we’ve given the graphics a clean new look.

The other big difference from our DVD product is that with the Quicktime-based downloads you can easily create your own play lists using software such as ITunes which makes it great for churches without a band or for small group worship times. You just choose the songs you need, purchase them from our website as downloads and put them into your playlist and off you go.

You can click through to the website to hear samples of all the tracks (the samples are audio only but what you purchase has the video as well).

So, in summary, with SplitTracks you get the following benefits:

  • You can purchase individual songs, immediately available to download – no need to buy a DVD with over 50 tracks.
  • You can create your own play lists using simple software such as ITunes on a PC, Mac, IPad or Smart Phone
  • You can adjust the volume of the vocals from nothing through to full vocals – both in your band’s foldback and also for the congregation
  • You get onscreen words which come up at just the right time for your congregation (or alternatively you can continue to use your standard projection software)
  • New songs are being added to the catalogue all the time. There’s a good number available now and a big new set arriving in a couple more weeks
  • The best solution for churches without any musicians. If you have musicians and want to adjust instruments in the mix you need the MultiTrack player

To purchase, simply head over to our Worship Backing Band webstore.

If you’d like to see a comparison of the three backing track products, we’ve written up the differences in detail on the website.