Combo - all the Musicademy Vocals DVDs & CDs (x8 disks)

Combo - all the Musicademy Vocals DVDs & CDs (x8 disks)

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Bundle pack discount when you buy the three Musicademy vocals DVDs (Vocals Course Box Set, Harmony and Backing Vocals Volumes 1 & 2) and the Essential Warm Up and Advanced Work Out CDs together.

Please note that Harmony and Backing Vocals Volume 2 is out of stock in the US. For US orders all the remaining products will be dispatched from the US with HBV Vol 2 dispatched separately from the UK by Standard Air Mail.
Vocals Course Preview Harmony and Backing Vocals Preview

The Vocal Course is a comprehensive step by step instructional programme which will transform your voice.

Use the Harmony and Backing Vocals DVD's to learn how to harmonize and improve backing vocal skills.

Increase the range, power and tone of your voice with the Essentential Warm Up CD and progress to the Advanced Work Out CD which will radically extend your singing ability, range and control

The Musicademy Worship Vocals Course

Transform your voice with this step-by-step instructional programme with a year’s worth of vocal lessons on this 8-hour, 4-DVD course.

Learn professional techniques for breathing, projection and control, harmony skills and spontaneous singing all built around well known worship songs.

You will increase your confidence and delivery in worship singing learning:

  • Correct breathing, use of the diaphragm,
  • head and chest voice,
  • falsetto
  • vibrato
  • Over 30 comprehensive vocals warm up exercises
  • Essential music theory made easy
  • Singing from scripture and spontaneous song
  • Harmony construction,
  • backing vocal techniques
  • working with a band

Harmony & Backing Vocals in Worship

This 2 volume instructional DVD series is designed for both male and female singers at any level who’d like to learn how to harmonize or improve their backing vocals skills. Each DVD contains high quality backing tracks to 10 worship songs with:

  • 10 instructional video lessons covering harmony and BV technique
  • 2 separate harmony parts for each song to copy and learn
  • On screen words
  • And a full version of every song to practice to

The Essential Vocals Warm-up CD

26 exercises to increase the tone, range and power of your voice.
A comprehensive vocals work-out for use at home, in the car and before you sing.
The CD contains an extensive range of breathing, warm-up, diaphragm development and vocalisation exercises with recommendations for 5, 10 and 15 minute warm ups for when you don't have time to play the entire CD.

Suitable for both beginners and accomplished singers.

>The Advanced Vocals Work-Out CD

A comprehensive range of exercises designed to radically extend your singing ability, range and control.

Includes breathing, warm-ups, diaphragm development, diction, ear training, intervals, major, minor and chromatic scales, singing licks, improvisation and more.

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Outstanding | Review by sheri363
Ease Of Use
I have purchased both the guitar and worship keyboard dvds. I have been thinking about purchasing the vocal dvds and after I have reviewed the dvds my mind is made to purchase them. The teaching method and dvd format is easy to follow and the tips from the worship leaders are invaluable. I look forward to using the dvds to help me expand my range as well as sing harmony with my husband. The diaphragm and breathing explanation was very informative and useful.

Thank you for the opportunity to review the dvds before I make my purchase of the whole vocal dvd set.

Sheri Lancaster
[email protected]
(Posted on 1/5/11)

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