Capo Positioning & Transposing for Guitar

Capo Positioning & Transposing for Guitar

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RRP $39.99

NOW $29.99


RRP $39.99

NOW $29.99

Capo Positioning and Transposing for Guitar

A step-by-step course for guitarists wanting to:

  • Find any capo position in any key using familiar chord shapes 

  • Transpose chord charts with complex chords into guitar friendly keys

No knowledge of music theory or reading necessary!

Step by step lessons using worship songs
With on screen graphics, exercises, tests and practice backing tracks

Topics covered include:

  • Three methods for finding capo positions in any key

  • Capo positions for using G, C, D and E shapes in any key.

Learn how to transpose chord charts into guitar friendly keys including

  • Transposing basics using chord numbers 

  • Transposing complex worship songs into guitar friendly keys 

  • Transposing hymns and carols with unusual chords 

  • Transpose into alternative chord voicings for different sounds

All worked out step-by-step, using worship songs, hymns and carols.


Your options for this course:

The course is available as a DVD which you can buy on this page and also as a set of online downloads.

There are also two optional extras (kept separate in order to keep the cost of the course itself low):

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