Worship Guitar Collection Chord Charts Bundle Pack - all 20 songs

Worship Guitar Collection Chord Charts Bundle Pack - all 20 songs

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Bundle pack of chord charts for the Musicademy Worship Guitar Collection

Bundle pack of chord charts for all 20 songs in the Musicademy Worship Guitar Collection. x9 are Super Chord Chart format (explained below) and x11 are EveryKey Chord Chart format (again explained below).

x11 EveryKey Chord Charts for:

  • Better Is One Day

  • Glorious Day

  • Forever Reign

  • I Am A Friend of God

  • Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing)

  • Let God Arise

  • Oh Praise Him

  • Your Name

  • Lead Me To The Cross

  • Jesus Paid It All

  • Your Love Never Fails


With Everykey Chord Charts you get a slightly different set of information from our older Super Chord Charts:

  • 12 PDF chord charts per song, one for every key (plus a Nashville Numbers chart)

  • Chords marked in an easy-to-follow blue

  • Chords and lyrics arranged under bar beat-counts so they’re easy to follow even if you don’t know the song or can’t read music (you can’t do this with a regular chord chart!)

  • Clearly marked and segmented song sections for easy reading at a glance

  • A suggested song structure (Intro, Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Bridge etc.) The structure precisely mirrors the Worship Backing Band version.

  • Capo fret number guide for G, E, D, C and A shapes (E.g. for a Bb song use capo 1 & chord chart in A, capo 3 & chord chart in G, Capo 6 & chord chart in E etc.)

  • A guitar strumming pattern

  • A web link to easy-to-play guitar chord voicings for all open capo keys (G E D C A)


EveryKey Chord Charts bridge the gap between basic chord charts and complex lead sheets and are great for:

  • Playing a song in ANY key of your choice

  • Following a song if you don’t know how it goes and you can’t read music

  • Any transposing instrument: guitars using capos, Eb alto sax’s, Bb trumpets and clarinets, and keyboard players who don’t touch the black notes!

  • Multiple guitarists using different capo positions

x 9 Super Chord Charts

  • Agnus Dei

  • Amazing Grace

  • How Can I Keep from Singing

  • The Power of the Cross

  • Jesus Messiah

  • Our God Saves

  • Here I am to Worship

  • You Alone Can Rescue

  • 10,000 Reasons


Download an interactive sample super chord chart before you buy.


Each Super chord chart features:

  • The entire song on a single sheet

  • The song title key, and capo fret positioning

  • Easy song part clearly divided into easy to follow sections

  • Bar lines between words Exact intro and outro sequences

  • A breakdown and map of the song structure

  • Notes on when instruments drop in and out

  • A rhythm guide complete with acoustic guitar strumming pattern, bass groove and drum groove

  • Chord diagrams of recommended chord shapes that sound best with that song

  • Space to write your own notes


Please note, the chord charts are in Adobe pdf format and bundled together in a zip file. Most versions of Windows include unzipping softrware but otherwise you can download Winzip (or Winrar) to open the zip file and Adobe Acrobat to view the chord charts. Both these simple software programmes are available free of charge online.

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