Intermediate Worship Keyboards - Box Set

Intermediate Worship Keyboards - Box Set

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Price: $89.99

Price: $89.99

Either for people who learnt to play classical piano as a child but now want to learn to play contemporary worship music with ease. Also ideal for people who already play worship keyboards but want to extend their techniques and move out of their comfort zone.

Please note that the Intermediate Keys Course is out of stock in the US.  It will be sent from the UK by Standard Air Mail so may take slightly longer than normal US shipping.

The download version of the Course is available here.

The sampler video above covers both the Beginner and Intermediate Worship Keyboard DVDs.

The Intermediate Course will enable students to:

  • Approach the keyboard as a chords based instrument and lose your dependency on the music score
  • Integrate added, suspended and extended chords into your playing
  • Use inversions and alternative voicings for smoother playing
  • Develop left and right hand rhythm skills to fit the "groove" of the song
  • Improvise using melodic fills, auxiliary and passing notes
  • Use string, pads, electric piano and organ sounds
  • Develop techniques for leading worship as a keyboard player
  • Choose the right equipment for you
  • Understand the tools that help you play by ear

Intermediate volume 1

  • Chords - tones and semitones, major chords, minor chords, slash chords
  • Using chords as the basis for playing featuring the song How Great is Our God
  • Using rhythm featuring the song Let Everything That Has Breath
  • Time signatures 

Intermediate volume 2

  • Melodic fills and improvisation - chord notes, passing notes, auxiliary notes
  • Using songs - playing slow songs, playing fast songs including Once Again and Forever
  • The major scale
  • Keys
  • Nashville numbering system
  • Introduction to ear training

Intermediate volume 3

  •  Using the left hand well - featuring Faithful One, Everlasting God, Amazing Grace
  •  Using different sounds
  •  More advanced chords
  •  Leading worship from keys
  •  Spontaneous playing
  •  Getting the right gear

2 hours of teaching on each of 3 DVDs including interviews and advice from worship leaders Stuart Townend, Brenton Brown, Vicky Beeching, Tim Neufeld (Starfield), Tommy Walker, Noel Richards, Leeland Mooring and Andy Piercy (producer for Delirious? and Graham Kendrick).


Plus - backing tracks for daily practice and play throughs with the Musicademy band.


Songs featured include:

  • Let Everything That Has Breath
  • How Great is Our God
  • Once Again
  • Give Thanks to the Lord Our God and King
  • Faithful One
  • Everlasting God

Who is it for?

If you are already a relatively accomplished player (i.e. already playing regularly in a worship band - including those playing using the full musical score) or have significant classical experiece (say to grade 5 or higher) then this is the right set for you. It begins with  really nice simple lesson introducing how to play using chords and then gets more challenging.

If having done the first chapter in Intermediate you then feel that the learning is progressing too quickly then jump back to Beginners volumes 3 and 4 to practice the chords based playing with relatively simple pieces. Once you are confident with these you can then return to the rest of the Intermediate set.

If you don't feel ready for the Intermediate set then have a look at the Beginners set instead. Many people who already play a little, or perhaps learned as children like to start again with Beginers volume 1 so that they learn the basics properly. This is particularly important if you have only previously played using the musical score (dots on a page) and are new to our chords-based method of playing.


What is there for people between Beginners and Intermediate standard?

Our Song Learner lessons are perfect for people that already know the basics of chords based playing and just want to practice with lots of different songs. The Song Learner lessons are online only (i.e. not on DVD) and sit between Beginners and Intermediate in terms of ability levels.


What about the Advanced Worship Keyboard DVDs?

These are designed for people who have all the musical know-how from the Intermediate DVD course but want to explore more about differen keyboard sounds. The Advanced DVDs unpack the multiple keys parts to 10 professional worship song recordings so that you can recreate those sounds in a live setting.


What else is available to help me practice?

We have a DVD called Worship Backing Band - Musicians Practice Tracks which contains 54 worship songs that you can play along with. Practice is a lot more fun with other people! You can select to take the vocals out of the mix so you are effectively the singer with a pro band. Its like high quality worship karaoke. The DVD shows on-screen words and chords so if you play an instrument you can also play along as you sing. 


Will the DVDs work on my DVD player?

The DVDs are NTSC and coded Region 0 which means they will play anywhere in the world.


Can I get a refund if I don't like the DVDs?

Yes, you are also covered by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee if having received the DVDs you do not feel they are right for you.

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Excellent | Review by Francis
Ease Of Use
As a grade 7/8 classical piano player with no experience at all of playing in bands / playing chords I didn't know where to start. Having got half way through the first DVD in a few hours I already feel like I have all the tools I need to start playing with the band in church. The DVD is exactly right for someone like me starting with the basics of band playing. Whilst it may feel expensive for three DVDs, compared to the cost of having lessons and for the convenience of learning in your own time, it really is a bargain!
(Posted on 7/29/16)
Way too fast! | Review by Jason Sioco
Ease Of Use
This DVD teaches the easy concepts slow and methodical, while the difficult concepts such as, using passing notes and auxiliary notes is taught way too fast and way too rushed.
(Posted on 8/19/15)
Age 77 and a pipe organist but now a keyboard player of necessity! | Review by John
Ease Of Use
but I am very interested in what you are doing to improve the musical side of worship in our churches.

I am a 77 yr old pipe organist (now of necessity a keyboard player – no pipe organ!) steeped in Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts et al, but I also love the best of what has been written in the last few decades of which I would put the songs by Stuart Townend and Graham Kendrick among the very best.

I thought the training and playing by your team was absolutely brilliant when they cam to Christ Church Bristol many moons ago, which is where I bought some keyboard DVD’s and signed up for your newsletters.

So do please keep them coming.

May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and prosper you in your work.

(Posted on 10/16/13)
Exactly what I've been looking for for years. | Review by B.W.
Ease Of Use
I've been wanting to improve my playing at church, and this explains simply and effectively what I've needed to know. I haven't finished it all yet, but I'm off to a good start. There's a bit of what I consider "filler" between the actual lessons, but the topics that are discussed are things that need to be touched on for people in worship. I really felt like I was in a rut and playing has become a real joy again.Great job!
(Posted on 3/28/13)
just what i was looking for | Review by caroline
Ease Of Use
i was looking for something that would teach me HOW to accompany singers in worship, all i could do at my level was simply play the chords as they are written on the page, but had no knowledge of the many ways you can use a single chord, there are so many options, and this DVD set will teach you how to do that. I also liked how they give you advice both for those playing in a band with other instruments as well as those who play alone, which is my case.Tonnes of advice for both parties. I also liked the tips/advice and interviews also, small details that you don`t really think of first hand, but are extremely helpful for the worship leaders. You wil learn techniques for both fast pace songs and slow pace songs. I LOVED the "spontanious" playing part, which is something i had no idea how to do, It will take a while for me to get to this level, but with these DVDS i can go back again and again. I loved listening to the singer,,,she is fantastic. Andy however looks a bit sleepy during the takes,,,lol. But its great to beable to practice with the crew playing, and the backing tracks, also a bonus i think. Thanks guys, you have really inspired me. At last i have what i have been looking for THANK YOU!!!! i look forward to being able to move onto advance someday.
(Posted on 2/1/12)
Worth every penny! | Review by APW
Ease Of Use
As a pianist and organist, I realised that I was too reliant on playing what's actually written down on the printed page. Now that I play my keyboard alongside guitarists, who provide the rhythm, I needed some help to get away from playing the tune all the time, so I accompany them, and the singers, using chords etc. This DVD set has started me on the road to doing just that.

I know that I will be returning to it again and again to remind me, and inspire me.

Excellent work by everyone involved. I look forward to moving on to the Advanced set (in a few years' time, no doubt!)
(Posted on 1/12/11)
Very helpful way in for a classically trained pianist | Review by JF
Ease Of Use
This set starts at just about the right level for pianist who wants to brush up on what they already know and then move on to a less "music-focused" style of playing. It gives helpful exercises and chances to play along with the band, interspersed with useful interviews from key worship leaders. I found it a really good starting place in trying to play by chords and rhythms rather than sheet music. It was also encouraging in that it showed me I was already on the right track with a lot of what I was doing. I found the sample rhythms particularly useful. Now, all I need to do is practice!
(Posted on 1/10/11)
Just what my wife needed | Review by JhikaJawaan
Ease Of Use
My wife has been wanting to learn to "play by ear" and play from sheet music that just has chords. Now she can, thanks to your excellent tutorials and examples. It was fun watching her joy increase as she learned new techniques after many years of just being able to play what was written. Thanks!
(Posted on 1/10/11)
Great value | Review by Sheri
Ease Of Use
I was classically trained as a teenager so I have always been very dependent on written music. The Intermediate Worship Keyboard DVD set helped me to take what I already knew and taught me how to apply it through improvisation. I am much more comfortable playing from lead sheets and coming up with my own arrangements.
(Posted on 1/7/11)
Just what I needed | Review by Lisa
Ease Of Use
This is the first product I bought from Musicademy and I am very pleased. I am a classically trained pianist who was looking for some help in getting off of the printed page and learning a different style of playing. Theses DVDs were very helpful and are just what I needed. I look forward to going on to the advanced course. Thanks for a great product.
(Posted on 1/7/11)

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