Practical Worship Leading Skills

Practical Worship Leading Skills

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Practical Worship Leading

Practical Worship Leading Skills

A comprehensive 20 lesson downloadable course on practical worship leading presented by veteran worship leader and multi-instrumentalist Tim Martin with assistance from the rest of the Musicademy team.

The course covers an essential range of practical skills that every worship leader needs, but probably hasn’t been taught!

First we unpack working with songs. Choosing songs, pitching songs in singable keys, teaching new songs and building a balanced and manageable song repertoire for your church. We explore practical skills involved in leading those songs well, plus the skills to train your band to play those songs better.

There is excellent content on team recruiting and team building and we include some invaluable music theory based skills to help you transpose those songs into playable keys and even alter the chords to reflect different moods and responses.

We’ve not found a worship leader who wouldn’t want to write songs, but many don’t know how, so we unpack practical ways to help you get started.

We recognise most worship leaders also sing so we’ve put together some vocal warm-ups, exercises for developing your and your team’s vocal range and even ideas on how to care for your voice.

As worship is very much not just about singing we’ve included thoughts on how to engage your congregation in non-musical expressions of worship.

Finally there are some invaluable top worship leading tips born out of the collective years of experience of the Musicademy team.

The three and a half hour course can be worked through as an individual or together as worship team and at the end of each lesson there’s a practical exercise to help build the learning into your team’s everyday skill set.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction - A brief introduction outlining the aims, content and approaches you can take to get the most out of the course.

  2. Choosing Songs Part 1 - This lesson explores how to pick sets of songs that flow together well, based around an approach to worship using the themes of ‘gathering’, ‘word,’ ‘response’ and ‘sending out.’

  3. Choosing Songs Part 2 - This brilliant lesson shows you how to pick songs in the best key for the congregation based on understanding where the strong notes typically lie in male and female vocal ranges.

  4. Beginning And Ending Songs Well  - This lesson unpacks a range of ideas and tips that seasoned worship leaders use to begin and end songs well.

  5. Learning To Play Rhythmically - Here we look at the musicianship skills behind getting each instrument in your band to fit together rhythmically and how they can find their space in a song’s overall groove.

  6. Evaluating Team Motivations - Some practical ideas on building a recruitment and evaluation process that works for your church for both new and existing team members.

  7. Using Dynamics - An invaluable lesson and practical exercise, showing you how to use the different types of dynamics to create 10 levels/variations of light and shade.

  8. Team Building - This lesson shows you how to create a set of ‘commitment agreements’ that will help you build your team while taking into account members with varying levels of skill, experience and availability.

  9. Good Rehearsals - Some practical ideas on creating worthwhile, achievable and efficient rehearsals even with limited time, space or noise restrictions.

  10. Worship Beyond Singing - A discussion with some very helpful practical ideas for engaging your congregation in worship activities that aren’t just song or music focussed.

  11. Playing And Singing With Meaning And Emotion - This lesson helps you and your team connect together the theme and lyrics of the songs being sung with the music being played.

  12. Communication - A lesson unpacking different forms of musical communication that will help you give clear and understandable cues to both your worship band and the congregation.

  13. Achieving Flow - Some practical thoughts and exercise helping you to create sense of flow from song to song, with songs in different themes, keys, tempos and genres.

  14. Transposing Songs Into More Singable Keys - This ‘how to’ music theory based lesson unpacks a step by step guide for transposing songs from one key to another to suit different singers and instruments.

  15. Looking After Your Voice Part 1 - Vocal Health and Warm Ups - From ‘Sirening’ techniques to help you smooth out the cracks in your voice to advice on protecting your vocal chords, this lesson is a must for every worship leader that sings.

  16. Looking After Your Voice Part 2 - Developing Your Vocal Range - This lesson shows you some great exercises to help extend and strengthen your vocal range.

  17. Spontaneous Worship - Some simple, practical and musical ideas to help your congregation become familiar and comfortable with spontaneous singing in worship.

  18. Re-Harmonizing/Chord Substitution - Another music theory based lesson to equip you with the tools to change or re-harmonize the chords in songs to create different sounds, moods or responses.

  19. Introduction to Song Writing - Here we explore some great practical tips to help you start to write songs, develop and hone your ideas and apply them by actually writing a part of a song as the lesson unfolds!

  20. Worship Leading Tips - A discussion with lots of invaluable worship leading do’s/don’ts and tips borne out of many years of worship leading experience.

Every lesson includes an optional exercise designed to help apply the learning and can be worked though individually or together as a team.



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