Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar - Part 7 - Substitute chords & tricks in E & A

Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar - Part 7 - Substitute chords & tricks in E & A

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Andy Chamberlain, worship guitarist

47 minutes of worship guitar lessons in a 704MB video download.

This lesson includes:

  • Using substitute chords in E

  • Substitute chords in A

  • Tre Sheppard (Onehundredhours) on his hopes for the future of worship music  

  • 47 minutes, 70MB video download

These lessons complete the cheat and substitute chords in the fundamental open keys for acoustic players. This time we look at chords in both the keys of E and A. Great for players who want to explore working up the guitar neck.

Taken from Musicademy's Intermediate Acoustic Worship Course DVDs. Teaching by Andy Chamberlain, co-founder of Musicademy, guitarist for Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Vicky Beeching and many others.


Time limited extra discount offer. Get an extra 25% off this lesson when you buy the other 12 lessons from the Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVDs at the same time (coupon will be applied at the checkout).

Please note that this is a large video file about 704MB in size. Once you have gone through the checkout process you can then click through to My Account to download the file. Click on the download link and the file will immediately start to download. This will take some time and we do not recommend attempting the download without a broadband connection.

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Tough For Small Hands | Review by Sherry
Ease Of Use
As an acoustic guitar player wanting to take my playing up a notch, I thought I'd try Substitue chords and tricks in E and A. Unfortunately, being a female with small hands made it basically impossible for me to play the chord shapes. Not the fault of the training I suppose, but disappointing none the less!

You better have long fingers if you want to use this course.

Musicademy replies:
Sorry that you've struggled with these chords. Presumably you are working with a guitar with a nice narrow neck?
(Posted on 6/16/14)

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