Musicademy Advanced Vocals Work-Out CD MP3 Download

Musicademy Advanced Vocals Work-Out CD MP3 Download

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Listen To Sample Exercises

Ahh oh ahhh

Diaphragm pushes with arpeggios (1 of 3 exercises)

Ear training – pitching intervals (1 of 3 exercises)

Slurs using yaaaa

Triplets over a major scale (1 of 3 exercises)

A comprehensive range of exercises designed to extend your singing ability, range and control. Available here as an MP3 download.

Includes breathing, warm-ups, diaphragm development, diction, ear training, intervals, major, minor and chrimatic scales, singing licks, improvisation and more.

Track listing:

1 Introduction
2-8 Breathing in to a count
9-10 Simple 5 note scale warm ups
11-14 Vowel sounds
15-18 Ahh oh ahhh
19-21 Descending major scales
22-24 Ascending and descending slurs
25 Slurs using yaaaa
26-31 Voice control
32-34 Octave leaps
35-36 Diaphragm pushes
37-38 Diaphragm pushes with arpeggios
39-41 Diction using La, Pa, Ca, Ta, Ma
42-44 Ear training – pitching scale degrees
45 Ear training - pitching single notes
46-48 Ear training – singing intervals
49-50 Ear training – pitching intervals
51-53 Scales - major, natural and harmonic minor
54-56 Chromatic scales
57-59 Triplets over a major scale
60-62 Triplets over a minor scale
63-64 Licks over major chords
65 Licks over minor chords
66 Improvisation in a major key
67 Improvisation in a minor key 

This download is a step on from the Musicademy Vocals Warm-Up download. This is not really a warm up tool as such, more a case of a bootcamp style work out for your voice. Contents are complimentary and many customers will buy both. Its presented by Deborah Clarke, vocals coach at Musicademy as well as a singer songwriter trained at the Academy of Contemporary Music.


Buy at the same time as the Vocals Warm-up download and save an extra 30% (discount will be applied at the checkout).

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Inconclusive | Review by Jon
Ease Of Use
I've listened to 90% of the lessons.. so technically i'm not done.

Expertise: I've never taken vocal lessons before, but I've learned to sing in tune and vibrato by myself. I play piano and viola. I also have taken up guitar, drums, and bass guitar for the sake of contemporary christian music.

How helpful were the exercises?
They're good for warming up and extending oneself. If they're better than the beginner lessons, I wouldn't be able to tell. Not sure how insightful vocal lessons can get. After all, it's mostly instinctive.

A good portion of lessons (30-40%) just have the same exercises repeated in a higher register. (aka expert level?)

But if you're new to singing, the lady's prompting and demonstrations are helpful. I personally didn't learn any new technique besides the warm ups and "stretches"

Easy to use. Each segment is about 1--3 minutes long. Pretty easy to navigate.

(Posted on 4/8/11)
Great Tool | Review by Natalie
Ease Of Use
We should always desire to enhance our skills and talents and serve our congregations with excellence. These exercises are extremely helpful in doing this. Many of the singers on our worship team have been singing for years but I believe these exercises will really challenge them to grow. Can't wait to use them!
(Posted on 1/5/11)

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