MultiTrack Backing Track Player for Mac or PC

MultiTrack Backing Track Player for Mac or PC

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Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Pro Wav player

You can view all the product information about the Player here but to buy it and the tracks you must visit the  Worship Backing Band website

For churches with missing musicians, the MultiTrack Player is the simplest and best value solution available. Fill out your sound with all the flexibility of a live band.

The ultimate flexibility in the simplest interface The long awaited all new Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player featuring a raft of improvements and new features including:

  • Loop, repeat or jump to any song section

  • Key and tempo change

  • Footswitch and hot key control

  • High def audio

  • 14 stems including vocals and BVs

  • Import your own song wavs


The Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player is our most advanced MultiTrack solution that gives you all the key functionality of DAWs like Ableton but in a far simpler interface. Full song navigation control, key and tempo change, fully controllable via footwsitch and hotkeys, high def audio with 14 stems including vocals and BVs. You can even import your own song wavs.

The Player works with our MultiTrack Stems which you can also use in Ableton or any DAW.

We believe our new Player to be the SIMPLEST and the BEST VALUE MultiTrack package around. Here's why. You will save even more when purchasing songs in bulk.

The Player is great for learning  band parts too. You can Solo any stem to easily hear the exact instrument part; loop the part over and over to practice and even slow complicated sections right down until you get the hang of it.

MultiTrack Stems

What you get - 14 stems (WAV)

Stem order:
1.   Two Bar Intro Click
2.   Lead Vox
3.   Backing Vox
4.   Acoustic Guitar
5.   Electric Guitar 1
6.   Electric Guitar 2
7.   Keyboards 1
8.   Keyboards 2
9.   Bass
10. Drums
11. Extras (more guitars/ keys/ programming etc - song specific)
12. Click
13. Shaker (natural click)
14. Vox Cue - spoken word vocal cue (lyrics, count-ins, sections, endings etc)

Free MultiTracks!

Once you have bought the full version of the player we offer a FREE MultiTrack of the month. Each month we try to give a MultiTrack backing track away. This is always subject to permissions from Publishers for gratis use.


"All in all the "MultiTrack Player" update is great." - Independent review by Kim Gentes, founder of

"This is brilliant! A real game changer! Using the hot keys to loop sections and practise sections is actually easier than most Ableton set ups and dragging in the file is genius. Really great stuff." - Kristian Ponsford, Worship leader, consultant to Worship Central and Ableton specialist


We've covered off lots of detail about the new Player in the FAQs over on the Worship Backing Band website There is also a detailed User Guide integrated in the Player.

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