The Intermediate Electric Worship Guitar DVDs

The Intermediate Electric Worship Guitar DVDs

Learn to play electric guitar in church

Musicademy’s latest release and definately one of the best, our new 4-DVD, 10-hour box set is packed with a year’s worth of lessons for today’s electric worship guitarist. A comprehensive course that will teach you the techniques, licks and styles the pro’s use to create electric guitar parts in worship. Perfect for players with gaps in their knowledge and acoustic guitarists transferring to electric.
You will learn:

  • Tricks pro guitarists use playing in G, D, A, C & E
  • Chord ‘cheats’ for playing in position up the neck
  • Explore lead guitar with 5 pentatonic shapes & 7 major scale positions
  • Hendrix style double stops for combined lead & rhythm styles
  • How to use 3rds 4ths & 6ths to create harmony parts
  • 10ths for alternative chord voicings
  • Play any chord in any key anywhere on the neck using the CAGED system
  • How to find every the note on the neck, quickly!
  • Power & open chords in Drop D tuning
  • Soloing ideas using pentatonic scales, lead lines using major scales string bending, drone notes, Octaves, tremolo picking
  • Learn a great solo that uses all these techniques note for note

Plus loads of invaluable tips on:

  • Amps
  • Choosing the right guitar for a worship band
  • Pickups, tones & volumes
  • Pedals – using delay, overdrives, compression, volume swells & wah effects in worship
  • Plus an entire section on leading worship on Electric Guitar

For more information and to buy go to the Musicademy webstore.

Songs used for this course include Holy Is The Lord, Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise), Hosanna, In Christ Alone, Mighty To Save, Blessed Be Your Name, Happy Day, Surrender and Extravagant Worship.