The power of introverts

An excellent defence of introverts and beautifully animated. Up to half the population are introverts. Even if you are extrovert, your partner, your kids, your fellow musicians may well not be. But we live within a value system which is the “extrovert-ideal”. Introverted traits like apparent shyness, seriousness, working on tasks one at a time and a need for quiet are seen as less desirable.

As an extrovert I need to regularly review material such as this video clip to remind myself of what I do not have, the importance of alternative approaches, the value introverts bring us and the need for us noisy folk to make time and space to accommodate and listen to the quiet thinkers.

What do you think about the video clip?

Are you an introvert and relate to the issues raised here?

What issues does this raise in relationship to our community life together in church or worship teams?


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