The prodigal confectioner – another themed kids talk using chocolate

We published a script telling the nativity story with chocolate (now featuring a version with American chocolates) before Christmas and then came across this rather wonderful retelling of the Prodigal Son. Its written by writer Andy Back and you can see the original and more of his writings on his website.

The Prodigal Confectioner

Once upon a time, a farmer had two sons.

One of them was a

Smartie and good looking. His hair was

Curly Wurly with

Highlights,although he was slightly Flakey.

He said to his dad with a Wispa (photo not available) ‘I’d like

to talk to you about a certain

Topic. I feel my life could do with a

Boost, so give me my inheritance.’

His dad tried to

Fudge. ‘You want half of my money?’

‘Yes, Pa,’ replied the son, ‘and half of


Eventually the father agreed, and handed over all his

Bounty. The son did up his Buttons,

put on his


(actually it was a pair of Snickers), left the farm

and went off to spend his dad’s fortune. He took a

Picnic and walked, not waiting for a

Green & Black (photo not available) Double Decker.

It wasn’t long before he found himself in a large city,

in a superb shopping Mall, known as

Quality Street, where some people mocked

and made fun of the shops. They were known as

Malteasers. The farmer’s son also visited a night club where they played music by

M&M and there were

Minstrels playing

Tunes while customers played

Skittles. There were also female dancers known as the

Turkish Delights, and some of them would

Twirl, while others had tummys that could

Ripple. The son enjoyed all these

Revels, and soon his money was spent.

His friends were gone and so was his livelihood.

He finished up as a

Drifter, and took a job working on a pig farm. It was

run by a moaning, complaining old woman who had

no teeth, and she was known as

Wine Gums. The boy had to

Lion the ground to sleep, making his pillow from

leafy branches with not too many


He was peckish and got the

Munchies and ended up longing to

Chomp on the pig’s food, which was

Crunchie. But obviously he had to


Eventually he came to his Senses (photo not available).

He looked up at the

Milky Way (oh, no, sorry)

Milky Way and the Planets (photo not available) and the

Galaxies beyond and repented of his sin.

When he got home, his father forgave him,

welcomed him and decided to have a

Celebration, but his older brother was a right


by Andy Back © 2001 Children’s Ministry

This may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the copyright holder