Top 10 (worst) ways to introduce a new song in worship

Top 10 (worst) ways to introduce a new song in worship

Before you begin the song:

Tell your congregation, “This is the best worship song EVER. Only a moron couldn’t worship to this.”

Spend 12-18 minutes analyzing the lyrics. Give personal, vividly-detailed testimony to back up each line.

Dedicate it to the memory of your favorite childhood pet, Rufus the Gerbil.

Point out the fact that the song has the same delayed-guitar riff and chord structure as U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.”


Put it at the very beginning of the service with no mention that it’s new. Invite people to stand and sing along. Chide them midway through the second chorus for “not praising Jesus loud enough.”


Make sure you have thick 4-part harmony throughout the entire song. And while you’re at it, don’t tell the sound guy who’s singing the melody.

Use marionettes to teach the song. If they’re fashioned to look like your senior pastor and his wife, even better.

Don’t practice the song. Then inform the congregation, “We’ll be learning this together,” as you strum what you think might be the introduction.

Create demonstrative motions for every phrase. Verbally shame people into participation.

Sell sponsorship for the song. “This new song is brought to you today by Jim’s Auto Part Palace and the good folks over at Ron and Edna’s School of Taxidermy.” Stop mid-song for a brief word from Edna.


Comments and Discussion: Let me hear from you, any other thoughts on how to kill a song as your introducing it?


Jon Nicol is a worship leader, blogger, teacher in Lexington, OH, USA. He loves helping churches and leaders build remarkable teams & ministries. You can read his blogs at and connect with him on Twitter @jonnicol

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