What’s the difference between the Acoustic Intermediate and existing Intermediate Guitar courses?

We’re getting loads of enquiries asking this question so here is the low down:

The Acoustic Intermediate is purely for acoustic guitar and contains lots of quick wins that you can easily integrate into your playing like 60 new open chord shapes, how to build new strumming patterns, how to play barre chords without the pain, how to find 4 capo positions for every key so you get away from just using the usual ‘G’ shaped chords, plus lots of finger style tips and exercises and even more complex lessons on how to play and integrate Travis picking into choruses and hymns.

The existing Intermediate guitar course is more technically in depth giving you lots of techniques and ideas that will blow wide open your understanding of wher eyou can go on the instrument and is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitar. So it covers things like the CAGED chord system which allows you to find ANY chord anywhere on the neck, 5 separate pentatonic scale shapes so you can play lead guitar to any song in any major or minor key, how to use DADGAD tuning in worship, guitar effects, a simple guitar friendly music theory system so you can understand what chords are available to use in ANY key and most importantly how apply that system to learn to get away form the chord chart and learn to play by ear.

There’s probably only 10-15% crossover in the content between both products, so if you have one already you won’t be duplicating the learning. What they do both teach from different perspectives is the Nashville numbering system which we think is really important for ear based playing and transposing into awkward keys.

So if you are still not sure where to start we’d recommend that you try the acoustic course first and then move on to the existing Intermediate DVDs