What’s the difference between the backing track DVDs?

What’s the difference between the backing track DVDs?
The Musicians Practice Tracks DVD has:
  • Chord charts and words on screen (the church DVD only has words on screen)
  • Deselectable vocals, guitar, drums, bass or keys so that you can play along on your chosen instrument (the church product only has deselectable vocals to aid lone musicans wanting ot use it as their band in public worship)

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The Church and Small Groups DVD has:

  • All the same backing tracks but additionally 50 pre programmed and themed worship set lists, e.g communion, hope, thanksgiving etc
  • Only words on screen (no chords) and bigger text so designed for public usage
  • Deselectable vocals so that you can sing along either with the guidance of a lead singer or take that role yourself

So if you are a musician wanting to practice along with these songs, you need the musicians backing tracks. If you are wanting to use the songs to lead worship in church or a house group then you need the church version. Many people are buying both for their two quite different purposes.

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