Worship Administration – tips to keep everyone happy

Not everyone can play by ear – make sure you have chord charts available for those who need them. Its best that band rehearsals are about arrangements and pulling a song together rather than learning a new song for the first time so get MP3s and music out to your team in advance so that everyone has developed their part before you get together. This will maximise what you achieve in your rehearsal time.


Get your rotas out well in advance and encourage people to get back to you early on if they can’t make any dates.


Have a plan for bringing on newer musicians. Include them in rehearsals. Mentor them. Without playing exposure and experience they are never going to progress. Don’t just work with your top team every week just because they sound great and its easier for everyone.


Train your team. Invest in DVDs (we would say that wouldn’t we!), run training sessions and bring in outside trainers. Go to worship conferences together.


Remember to thank people again and again. Musicians turn up early every week and invest a lot of their time and money in their instrument. Make them feel valued.


Give people feedback. If your bass player is over busy and your drummer keeps speeding up find a way to tell them. The rest of your band and your congregation will thank you for it.


Pray together, study together, eat together. Be a team.