Improving your online experience on the Worship Backing Band website

Improving your online experience on the Worship Backing Band website

Quickly add multiple products to your cart

Thanks to customer feedback we’ve commissioned a change to the Worship Backing Band website which will speed up and simplify the purchase process for customers buying multiple items in one go.

Previously you had to laboriously click through to each product and select whether you wanted a single or multi-user license. Then you would have to click back to the track selection and start again. Now you can simply tick to select your downloads and also click to select a multi-user license.

This is great news for customers wanting to take advantage of the significant discounts available for bulk purchase.

Licenses for multi-users and multiple computers

We’ve created multi-user licenses for each of our downloadable products (Split Tracks, MultiTracks and MultiTrack Pros). If you are using any of these products on multiple computers/devices then you can now retrospectively purchase a license. We charge 50% of the normal web purchase price for the license. Simply search for “M” in the relevant category.


Thanks for your feedback. Whilst making changes of this type are relatively costly, we are keen to make your online experience as efficient and least frustrating as possible.

Obviously if you find anything strange with either of our websites, please do email us.