Who stands where in the band? Why most worship teams get it so wrong.

Band Skills Seminar #3

The traditional rock band set up with the drummer at the back and the lead singer at the front is often adopted by church worship teams. Why is this so wrong and what alternatives are there?

Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin demonstrate in an interactive band skills seminar.

Please note, we were very shorthanded the day we filmed this seminar so the sound is not from the desk but the ambient mics of the camera. As such there is a bit of echo, and we understand from Facebook, that some non British subscribers may struggle with the echo and the English accents. If so, we apologise. We do just like to make the seminars available to those unable to attend the day in person.

In the feedback forms after the day long event we ask each delegate to list 3 things that they will take away from the day. Almost everyone cites “stage placement” as a key learning outcome.

If you’d prefer to cut to the chase and not watch the seminar, please see our article 10 tips to improve your worship team’s stage placement.

We’d be interested to hear what you do in your churches. Please comment in the box below.


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