Worship Leader Magazine review of Hand2Hand

Worship Leader Magazine review of Hand2Hand

The influential magazine, Worship Leader, has posted a nice review of our hand drumming & percussion DVD set Hand2Hand.

Randy Cross writes:

There is a trend that has been a part of the counterculture for decades, but of late has become more mainstream and embraced by those in worship arts ministries – drum circles. Musicademy has just released a great resource for any church to incorporate this trend into their worship mix. The 2 DVD set, Hand 2 Hand: Hand Drumming and Percussion is the primer for those wishing to begin a unique, percussive worship experience.

When viewing the DVD, Tood Rundgred’s hit “Bang the Drum All Day” may very well come to mind. The DVDs feature instructors from Psalmdrummers, a Christian organization whose “vision is to stir up prayer and worship and lead people to Christ through drumming”.

Covering 16 basic core techniques, disc one features everything you need to know about playing hand drums. From bass tones to skin tones, from feathering to rolls, the video provides the example and then it provides application through practice exercises that are easy to follow and use, all the while employing tips on posture while playing, hand positions and drum tuning. Disc two continues the hand drumming education by building on the basics of disc one. Basic techniques are solidified and amplified by exercises that include getting into the combination of drumming patterns, how to feel the groove and flow with it as well as against it, and integrating hand drums with a drum kit.

Musicademy once again produces an instructional DVD that focuses on the unique instrumental worship that a drum circle can be. Everything you need to know to begin or perfect your worship environment through the use of drum circles is on this DVD.


Click through for more information on Hand 2 Hand, view the preview video and to buy.