New from Musicademy: Worship Team Workshops

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Could your worship team spare just two hours for some invaluable practical training that will forever improve how you play together?

Could they really use some band skills training but busyness and limited time constraints always seem to get in the way?

Worship Team Workshop is a growing range of downloadable video based training courses that your worship team can work through together in a single session in the space you’d normally rehearse; whether that’s at church, in a practice room or even at home.

Course materials include:

  • Downloadable video based training lessons
  • Printable delegate notes for all participates
  • Printable facilitator notes for group leaders
  • Worship song backing tracks
  • Chord charts

Each workshop is designed for novice and seasoned musicians alike with learning that applies to both contemporary and orchestral instruments. It takes 2 hours but can also be worked through in three smaller parts (60/30/30 mins) if your team has less time in a single sitting.

The workshops unpack invaluable skills through a series of training videos to watch together alongside guided group discussions, practical exercises and plenty space to play together to try out the learning.

Three workshops. An invaluable set of new skills for your worship team

  • Understanding Groove
    • What is groove and why it’s important
    • Rhythmic mistakes that worship teams typically make
    • How to find a consistent groove within any song
    • How to find your instrument’s individual role within the groove
    • How to create rhythmic and textural balance in the overall sound
  • Dynamics
    • Setting up your stage to develop listening and communication skills
    • Understanding different types of musical communication
    • Developing musical communication skills with and without instrument
    • Communication in rehearsals; tips and ideas
  • Listening and Communication Skills
    • Developing and using range
    • Creating space in music
    • Understanding different types of dynamics
    • Using dynamics and tips for playing dynamically
    • Building tension and release

Tackle the workshops in any order that suits you.

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