Musicademy was established in 2003 as a local music school. Progressing from live lessons in contemporary instruments we produced out first worship training DVDs in 2005 and since then have over 60 DVD titles still in production. We’ve received multiple awards for our work including Editor’s Picks and Reader’s Choice awards in consecutive years by Worship Leader Magazine.

As technology has moved on so have we. Our courses are now additionally available as permanent online downloads as well as via this subscription website where, using an “all you can eat” model, you can stream any of our lessons from wherever you are.

We took the decision to keep pricing as simple as possible, so for far less than the price of a DVD box set you can subscribe for a single month for 6 to 12 months at a time. This gets you access to every instrument as well as all the Playing By Ear, Sound Tech and Vocals courses plus our upcoming Band Skills and Worship Leading courses.

We’ve also put a simple pricing structure in place for worship teams that want to provide access for multiple users. These offer great savings over the single user prices as we really hope to inspire churches to do all they can to equip their teams for better musicianship. Like that it’s then simply up to you to put the work in!

Our sister company, Worship Backing Band, produces backing tracks for churches with missing musicians. Our MultiTrack Player has pushed the boundaries of software development for church based musicians and we are pleased to offer what has been described as the simplest yet most affordable player and tracks combination on the market.


About Our Tutors

You’ll meet plenty of our team as you work through our lessons. Here’s a brief biog of them all:

Andy Chamberlain is a co-founder Musicademy and the presenter of the Musicademy Worship Guitar and Playing By Ear courses – students enjoy observing his varying hairstyles as the DVDs progress. Andy was trained at the Academy of Contemporary Music, has played at festivals such as Soul Survivor, New Wine, Spring Harvest and Spirit West Coast (US) and has worked with many worship leaders including Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Martyn Layzell, Graham Kendrick, Viola and Lloyd Wade.

Andy oversaw production of the other Musicademy courses and has presented worship training seminars in the UK, US and Canada. He wrote the Musical Chops column for Worship Leader Magazine for many years. Andy pioneered the development of our Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player and tracks.

Andy is a big fan of classic cars, Triumph motorbikes Eric Clapton, old British movies and has a bad case of gas (guitar acquisition syndrome)

Marie Page is a co-founder and the Director of Musicademy. She works as the business manager and digital marketing specialist, ably assisted by Lindsay Bird.  Marie is a qualified teacher and continues to train and consult in digital marketing with her business The Digiterati.

Matt Weeks presents the Musicademy Worship Bass Courses. As well as being the session bass player of choice for many international worship leaders including Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Graham Kendrick and many others Matt also plays guitar, keyboard, trumpet and flugel horne and is a talented singer songwriter.

Matt is most comfortable in the studio or on stage but can occasionally be tempted out to teach a seminar on worship bass playing.

Tim Martin presents the Musicademy Worship Keyboards, Orchestral and Playing By Ear courses and is currently working on our new Band Skills and Worship Leading courses.

A multi-instrumentalist Tim frequently heads up worship training seminars for both Musicademy and the Music and Worship Foundation. Tim is a music and worship graduate of the London School of Theology, a former Baptist assistant minister/worship director and is currently juggling work as a high school music teacher, worship director and all round creative person.

Tim is the ultimate night bird musician and even when faced with a weeks’ intensive filming for Musicademy has still been known to be at full steam well past midnight.

Kate Silbur presents the Musicademy Worship Vocals Course as well as the Essential Vocals Warm-Up CD. Filmed while pregnant with Chloe, students will be glad to know that Kate did eventually have a baby – the trailers alone have provoked lots of YouTube discussion on the topic of pregnancy singing.

Kate was previously head of vocals at Nexus, Europe’s largest worship training college and has incorporated elements of the Nexus vocals course content into the Musciademy course.

Andreana Arganda presents the Harmony and Backing Vocals course. Now mother of three, including twin boys, Andreanna works for Soul Survivor (well known for it’s youth festivals across the world) and has sung on over 50 live and studio albums with Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, David Ruis, Casey Corum, Andy Park and many others.

Gayle Bamberger is one of the guest tutors on the Musicademy Worship Vocals course and has taught extensively for Musicademy in live courses and seminars including some of our online video lessons. Gayle completed a Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Western Australia in 2002 and is also a graduate of the London School of Theology, Gayle is a native Australian but now lives in London where she works as Creative Arts Director for a church in Balham.

A talented worship leader, teacher and music director, Gayle also plays piano, flute and oboe.

Deborah Clarke was Musicademy’s first vocals tutor and features on the Musicademy Worship Vocals course as a singing “student” and devised and presented our Vocals Work-out CD. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter who as well as gaining a distinction at the Academy of Contemporary Music, has written tracks and sung on a number of professional albums including her debut EP Arise. Deborah is a Vineyard worship leader, and even sings in the Musicademy function band.

Nicki Rogers teaches on many of Musicademy’s live vocals seminars. She is an accomplished singer songwriter, who by the tender age of 26 already had two critically acclaimed solo albums out. Colour Scheme created a significant impact in the Gospel music industry and was followed up by her second album Feeder Lane.

As a singer in US pop act SHINE, Nicki has sung all over the world. She has worked alongside noted vocal trainers, such as Natasha Andrews (Chicane, Will Young, Madonna, Diana Ross) and teaches vocal practices inspired by TV’s Carrie and David Grant. She’s also provided backing vocals for a number of artists both on stage and on screen.

Jenny Moore teaches on a number of Musicademy’s seminars as features as a guest tutor on the Musicademy Worship Vocals course. Trained by vocal coaches such as Stevie ‘Van’ Lange and Felicity Cook, Jenny is an accomplished session singer, performer and recording artist. She is a member at St Mary’s Marylebone where she also runs the Gospel choir.

Becca Burn teaches vocals for Musicademy and is a guest tutor on the Worship Vocals course. Experienced in choral singing, chamber choir as well as contemporary and worship vocals Becca also has grade 7 classical qualifications in both piano and flute. A psychology graduate, she has also graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a degree in live performance and vocals. As a keyboard player and singer Becca has many years of experience of involvement in worship including worship leading and youth work at Grapevine UK. She spent a year working with Youth for Christ touring the UK and Eastern Europe doing schools work and singing with the band TVB.

Lloyd Wade is a guest tutor on the Musicademy Worship Vocals course focussing particularly on R&B singing styles and vocal development for male voices.

Colin Brookes presents the Musicademy Worship Drums course. The “original” Soul Survivor drummer, Colin is much remembered for his blond dreadlocks which are now sadly gone. Colin works as an Anglican vicar in a church in West London and is married to Natalie (Deborah Clarke’s sister) and has two daughters. Colin’s brother Phil is the founder of the Academy of Contemporary Music, Europe’ leading contemporary music school, where many of Musicademy’s tutors have trained.

Paul Evans replaced Stew Smith as the Delirious? Drummer in 2008 having worked as the UK’s leading worship drum session musician for many years. As well as playing drums for worship leaders such as Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon and Cathy Burton, Paul has taught for Musicademy and presents a number of guest lessons on the Musicademy Worship Drum DVDs.

Paul is the consummate professional drummer but in the pre Delirious days we would take great delight in calling him about lunchtime to have the phone answered with a groggy hello.

Bill Pamplin is a drummer and bass player of formidable experience having played on world tours and recorded in many genresfrom pop to jazz. He has played for Everything But The Girl, The Pasadenas, Johnny Dankworth, Mark Nightingale (M People), Ben Castle, Gerard Presencer, Pat Metheny and many more. Bill presents a guest lesson on percussion on the Musicademy Worship Drums course, drums on our upcoming Band Skills course, teaches at our seminars and also regularly plays for the Musicademy function band.