Keys: Intermediate

This course contains 55 lessons
The Intermediate Course will enable students to:
  • Approach the keyboard as a chords based instrument and lose your dependency on the music score
  • Integrate added, suspended and extended chords into your playing
  • Use inversions and alternative voicings for smoother playing
  • Develop left and right hand rhythm skills to fit the 'groove' of the song
  • Improvise using melodic fills, auxiliary and passing notes
  • Use string, pads, electric piano and organ sounds
  • Develop techniques for leading worship as a keyboard player
  • Choose the right equipment for you
  • Understand the tools that help you play by ear
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Keys: Song Learner Series

This course contains 10 lessons
The Worship Keyboards Song Learner Series are generally suitable for people who have gone through the Beginner Keys Course. The tend to be simpler lessons than those in the Intermediate courses.
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Worship Keys Collection

This course contains 20 lessons
18 lessons teaching the chord shapes, voicings, rhythms, fills, passing notes and textural sounds that pro players use to create keyboard parts in worship. Learn session musician parts of 18 worship songs. Radically improve your playing technique and musicianship For existing keyboard players</>
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Keys: Advanced

This course contains 32 lessons
This course features:
  • In-depth video lessons teaching multiple keys parts to 10 worship songs
  • Backing tracks with and without keyboard parts to practice to
  • On-screen chord charts and lyrics
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