Bass: The Advanced Course

Bass: the Advanced course

Bass: the Advanced course

Category: Bass

Pro-session bass parts to 14 worship songs unpacked with a range of high end techniques you can build into your playing.

By following this course you will learn:
  • A whole range of pro standard usable bass licks you can add to your library
  • Ghost notes and damping techniques
  • 16th note groove ideas
  • Positional playing and where to make full use of the fretboard
  • Tasteful melodic lines and fills based on scalic ideas
  • Where to use chromatic gospel lines.
  • Ideas for using passing notes, arpeggios and pedalling in context
All techniques taught for use on both 4 and 5 string basses. Bass parts created and taught by top session musician Matt Weeks, whose credits include Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Chris Tomlin, Brian Doerksen, Paul Baloche, Graham Kendrick, Vineyard Music and many others.  

Who is it for?

The parts are taught in a copy, learn and play along style so many ability levels can learn the bass parts. But players will get the most use from Advanced Bass if they first have a solid understanding of the full fretboard, keys, scales and arpeggios and chord construction - all outlined in the Musicademy Intermediate Bass Course.  

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