Band Skills

Band Skills

Band Skills

Category: Band Skills

A step-by-step course unpacking the practical band skills that turn you into a seasoned musician and invaluable worship team player.

Stage placementsæ
  • Who stands where and why - exploring sight lines, instrument and amp placements
  • Hearing everyone and ending volume wars
Timing tempo and tuning
  • Developing your internal sense of time
  • Choosing song tempos and changing a wrong tempo
  • Typical tempo issues and playing with time
  • Tuning tips and issues for every instrument
Understanding and building groove
  • Finding your instrumentÍs rhythmic role
  • Building right rhythms in different song types
  • Creating musical space
  • Identifying where rhythms go wrong
Working with incomplete ensembles
  • Filling up the sonic spectrum
  • Covering for missing instruments
  • Working with too many of the same instrument
  • Playing dynamically
  • Types of dynamics
  • Using volumes and subdivisions
  • Range colour and texture
  • Tension and release
Communication and listening skills
  • Forms of planned and spontaneous communication
  • Developing listening skills
  • Learn to lead and follow musically
Going beyond the mechanics of music
  • Conveying meaning and emotion
  • Matching lyrics and theme with the music
  • Using sounds and chord substitutions to create emotion
  • On screen graphics for enhanced learning
  • Demos, play alongs and downloadable practice materials
  • 30 exercises for your worship team to use
All worked out step-by-step, using worship songs and hymns

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for singers and musicians of all abilityælevels and styles. Suitable for contemporaryæbands, orchestral teams and blended ensembles. With video lessons, on-screen graphics, tips,æideas and 30 worship song based exercises foræyour team to try.

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