Free worship singing lessons

Free worship singing lessons

Should I get worship singing lessons?

Most Christians love to sing, and some even join the worship team to provide either lead or background vocals.

  • But what if you lack confidence in your vocal ability?
  • What if you are not sure that you are in tune?
  • Does your breathing go to pot when you get in front of a microphone?
  • Are you able to sing harmonies to complement what the worship leader is doing?
  • Are you sure you are singing in a contemporary style or do you use a lot of vibrato and more classical techniques?

A great singing voice is not something we are simply born with. The voice is just like an instrument that you need to practice with. Training the vocal muscles improves your tone as well as extends your singing range (how high or low you can comfortably sing).

Whilst it is great to go for one-to-one singing lessons finding a qualified teacher that specialises in worship music can be challenging. It can also be very expensive.

One alternative is to use online or DVD-based vocals courses.

Musicademy’s award-winning worship vocals courses are designed for church-based singers who want to improve their vocal ability. These free sample lessons give you an idea of the teaching on our DVD and online courses.

Contemporary vs traditional singing techniques

This is a great little video that Musicademy vocal coach Cat White put together for us.

Cat takes us through a number of key differences between contemporary and traditional singing styles.

These include:

  • Larynx – the very basics
  • Vowel sounds
  • Fullness of voice
  • Attack
  • Vibrato

There’s also an in-depth article on how to coach classical signers to sing in a contemporary style.

Worship Singing – The pathway of singing and lines of harmony


A singing lesson from the Musicademy Worship Vocals Course focusing on breathing and “resonators” in your body that assist your singing. This is taught using the song How Great Though Art.

Worship singing lesson – Adding vocal “colour”


Here’s a nice long lesson taken from our Worship Vocals course. This is Part 8 where vocal coach Kate Silber shows how to add vocal ‘colour’ using the song Amazing Grace

The lesson also reviews the learning from earlier parts of the vocals course – this is a great overview of what you can learn on the course

There are also interviews with worship leaders Brenton Brown. Vicky Beeching, Lloyd Wade, Noel Richards and Tim Neufeld (Starfield) on musical training, choosing songs and singing with a cold.

Singing Liturgy – Celtic Blessing


Whilst our courses tend to focus on contemporary worship techniques we know that people enjoy also using hymns and more traditional approaches.

In this lesson Kate Silber puts a celtic liturgy (from the Northumbria Community) to music.

A chord chart is provided at the end of the clip.

Harmony & Backing Vocals – In Christ Alone (Introduction to the harmonies)


This lesson is taken from our Harmony and Backing Vocals course. Vocal coach Andreana Arganda introduces each lesson with a short video tutorial covering harmony and background vocal technique followed by a demonstration and sing along using two separate harmony parts.

Above you can watch a lesson that teaches harmonies to the hymn In Christ Alone.

Below you can listen to the two harmony variations of the song.

Harmony & Backing Vocals – In Christ Alone

(Harmony 1 is high in the mix)

Harmony & Backing Vocals – In Christ Alone

(Harmony 2 is high in the mix – this is more normally sung by a man)

Find out more about Musicademy’s worship vocals courses and vocal warm-up CDs.