Sound Tech & PA Training for Churches

Sound Tech & PA Training for Churches

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RRP £79.99

NOW £59.99


RRP £79.99

NOW £59.99

Sound Tech and PA Training for Churches


A comprehensive guide, on 4 DVDs, to live audio in church. The course covers mixing, systems, set up and acoustics.

Musicademy has worked together with audio visual production company SFL Group to create this comprehensive course on sound engineering and PA training for churches.

Perfect for training newcomers to sound engineering and also for old hands who want to make the most of their acoustic space and PA equipment.

The DVDs are coded Region 0 so play in any country. 


A comprehensive guide to live audio: micing, mixing, systems set up and acoustics

Designed for:

  • Sound techs and mix engineers developing their skills

  • Churches wanting to upgrade or get the best out of their sound system

  • Overcoming loudness, feedback and building acoustics issues 

This 4-DVD course covers:

Set Up

  • The hierarchy of importance for sound systems

  • How do I plug it all in?

  • What’s the best way to set up a system?

  • What should I buy next?

  • Troubleshooting - why am I not getting any sound? 

 Instrument Mic’ing

  • Spoken word vocals, sung vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar amps, bass guitar, keyboards and pianos, orchestral instruments, drums and percussion

 Which Mic should I use?

  • Dynamic, condenser & wireless mics

 Building Acoustics

  • How to work with echoey buildings

  • Building acoustics treatments

 Speaker Systems

  • Choosing the right speaker system for your church

  • Speaker types, efficiency & placement

 Mixing Skills  

  • What do all the controls on the desk do?

  • How do I create a good mix?

  • EQ’ing instruments

  • Using compressors/gates

  • Running sound checks from the desk

  • Mixing foldback monitors 

 Eliminating Feedback

  • It’s too loud – what can I do?

  • Setting sound pressure levels

  • Controlling musician’s stage levels


Independent Review:

"An affordable, user-friendly means to train your tech team. This comprehensive package of over nine hours of video instruction is a value-added, cost-effective way to train your team."

Worship Leader Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015


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I Learned a lot from this course, Very detailed, pick up some new ways to do things. | Review by Everton
Ease Of Use
I have tried other DVDs training but find them not to have
enough information’s, but this is very good teaching it’s like
In a class I learned a lot from this course. Only the one Case
does not work well broken.

(Posted on 28/08/2015)
It's given me more confidence. | Review by Linda Horncastle
Ease Of Use
Thank you for the DVDs Sound tech & PA training. The DVD’s have been a great help. For example I watched the part how to set up mics for orchestral instruments and then the next day I unusually had a clarinet player join our church band. I was able to get it to sound great!
(Posted on 20/08/2014)
Best Value, Instant Results, Patiences pays Off. | Review by Sound Tech
Ease Of Use
Thanks for taking the Time to Create Sound Tech & PA Training For Churches,
it Will certainly take your skilled Technician from amateur to Pro in just a few DVD's.

Excellent Hands on Demonstrations, We were able to resolve some Compatibility Issues from instruments to Mixer and other devices just by Viewing the 2nd DVD. It would have cost us hundreds of dollars for a local company to come out and give solutions. Thanks

We've made some Some investments to improve the Quality of Sound as suggested in Your first training DVD included in the kit. Wow what an improvement overnight !!!

(Posted on 07/07/2014)
Well worth it | Review by Worshipcoordinator
Ease Of Use
It takes quite a bit of time to watch it all, but well worth the time and money!
(Posted on 07/07/2014)
its very good, value for money, a b c step by step teaching and covers the whole aspect of pa tech from voice to ear, well done musicademy. | Review by kenroy
Ease Of Use
value for money.its a a b c step by step teaching that covers the whole aspect of pa tech from voice to ear, very good. well done musicademy.
(Posted on 10/06/2014)

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