Beginner Plus Bass



The Beginner Plus Bass course is for worship bass players who have the basics down and want to know which notes to choose when going beyond the root note, how to create licks and fills and want get to know the fretboard better.

Beginner Plus Bass combines learning some great new skills through technique lessons, exercises and play alongs and then puts them into practice by learning how to play pro standard bass parts to well known worship songs, with every note fill and lick unpacked step-by-step. 


This is a download-only course and not available on DVD. Please note that iPad/iPhone users will need to first download to a Mac or PC and then save their downloads to iTunes to access on the iPad/Phone.

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  1. Beginner Plus Bass Course

    Beginner Plus Bass Course

    Technique lessons, exercises and worship bass playalongs with every note fill and lick unpacked step-by-step. Taught by our very own Andy Chamberlain!

    Price: $49.99