Beginners Worship Guitar Course

Beginners Worship Guitar Course

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RRP $89.99

NOW $39.99

Would you like to learn to play guitar in worship or improve the skills you already have?

A whole years' worth of worship guitar instruction on three 2-hour DVDs plus advice and guest lessons from some of the best known worship leaders in the world.

A really accessible set of guitar instructional DVDs for people wanting to learn to play guitar in worship taught by Andy Chamberlain, who has played guitar all over the world for worship leaders like Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching and Brenton Brown. The content of the lessons are a condensed version of the courses run by UK music college, Musicademy, along with practical advice and guest lessons from many well known worship leaders.

Each DVD follows a step-by-step instructional programme built around contemporary worship songs that suit both acoustic and electric worship guitar.

This is our Original Beginners Guitar DVD set. Click through for more information on the NEW Beginning Worship Guitar Course. And learn about the differences betweeh the two courses here.

Trailer Sample lesson - Em and D chords
  • Open chords 
  • Strumming patterns 
  • Easy finger picking styles 
  • Power chords for rock sounds  
  • How to use a capo to make complex chords simple 
  • Great sounding alternative chords further up the neck 


Plus guest lesson from Stu G of Delirous teaching how to play the guitar part to Majesty and lots of tips on learning, practicing, band skills and worship leading from people like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Tim Hughes and Matt Redman

Beginners Volume 1
Includes how to tune the guitar, using a pick, simple open chords and strumming patterns for a range of worship songs

Beginners Volume 2
Building on the initial learning from volume 1, this volume teaches further chords and strumming patterns and also shows how to use power chords for a rocky sound. Claw hammer strumming, sounding bass notes on strings and varying your dynamics.

Beginners Volume 3
New chord shapes further up the neck, using a capo, finger picking technique, playing with other musicians. Using the learning from all three volumes to play a wider variety of songs. 

Three DVDs in a box set with a total of 6 hours instruction. The equivalent to a year of one to one lessons.


Each of the three DVDs feature:

  • On-screen graphics
  • Additional backing tracks
  • Drum grooves and instrumental worship songs as a daily practice tool


Songs used include Blessed Be Your Name, Here I am to Worship, My Glorious, Forever, God of Wonders, What a Friend I’ve Found, I’ve found Jesus, Majesty, History Maker, Better is One Day and Give Thanks to the Lord.


Also featuring a clip form Onehundredhours "Stronger than My Heart" video and guest lesson from Stu G of Delirous teaching how to play the guitar part to Majesty .

Two hours of professional guitar teaching from Musicademy's Andy Chamberlain with additional practical advice from worship leaders:

  • Tim Hughes
  • Chris Tomlin
  • Stu G (Delirious?)
  • David Crowder
  • Noel Robinson
  • Matt Redman
  • Charlie Hall
  • Vicky Beeching
  • Tre Sheppard (Onehundredhours)
  • Alan Frow

Who is it for?

This Beginners series is suitable for complete beginners and will take you to a stage where you can play worship guitar confidently in a house group or small church setting. For existing players, volumes 2 and 3 are great for those who know a few basic chords and some strumming patterns but don’t yet play “power” chords, slash chords or chords further up the neck. Volume 3 also includes a complete guide to effective finger picking. After these volumes try the Song Learner series.

Volume 1 is suitable for complete beginners who have never even picked up a guitar before. 


We often find that people who already know a few chords appreciate starting with volume 1 in order to make sure they fully understand the basics.


If you think you are a bit too advanced for the Beginners Box set (i.e. you already know plenty of open chords, power chords and basic finger picking), then have a look at our Song Learner Series which sits between Beginners and Intermediate in terms of ability.



What do I need to get started?

Apart from the DVDs and a DVD player (or computer), all you need is a guitar, a pick (plectrum) and ideally a tuner.


Although not essential, lots of people find our DVD workbooks a helpful guide to use alongside the DVDs. With these you have the chord charts printed out beside you, rather than just on screen.The worknooks will help you work through the DVDs and turn each DVD volume into a 10 week course that really makes the most out of all the drum loops, backing tracks and interviews as well as showing you further songs to play using the chords and strumming patterns you have learnt.


Is this for electric or acoustic guitar?

The Beginners series is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitarists. Having learnt the basic information on volumes 1-3 you can then progress to our song learner series (more suitable for acoustic players) and our Intermediate Acoustic or Intermediate Electric DVDs.


What else is available to help me practice?

We have a DVD called Worship Backing Band - Musicians Practice Tracks which contains 54 worship songs that you can play along with. Practice is a lot more fun with other people! You can select to take the vocals out of the mix so you are effectively the singer with a pro band. Its like high quality worship karaoke. The DVD shows on-screen words and chords so if you play an instrument you can also play along as you sing. 


Will the DVDs work on my DVD player?

The DVDs are NTSC and coded Region 0 which means they will play anywhere in the world.


Can I get a refund if I don't like the DVDs?

Yes, you are also covered by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee if having received the DVDs you do not feel they are right for you.

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Great course for beginner | Review by Robo
Ease Of Use
A great value. As a bass player trying to learn guitar, I had a little knowledge. I found the sections on strumming, finger picking and chord substitutions, quite useful. Will probably get the intermediate course in the future.
(Posted on 5/17/16)
Extremely helpful | Review by mathtutorboy
Ease Of Use
I had played guitar for over 7 years and couldn't progress much. Most of my difficulty was in strummng consistently. This DVD set was very helpful in allowing me to strum along with Christian songs I love. I am looking forward to buying the new set as I see it has much content added to it. Well done Musicademy. I am so thankful I am making a Musicademy sticker to put on my guitar case to give props for all the help. I for one, love the idea of sticking my case and personalized it.
(Posted on 4/2/13)
Very Good | Review by M&M
Ease Of Use
I found the beginner's dvd's very helpful for someone who has only had 2 years of guitar. Everything is layed out in a very user friendly manner. The only thing is I wish that you would play the whole song with the chords being learned, that would be very helpful.

Musicademy responds:
We've taken that feedback on board and our new Beginning Guitar DVDs include a full play through and backing track.
(Posted on 4/2/13)
Very, very good | Review by Look2Jesus
Ease Of Use
Totally exceeded my expectations.
Very nice flow to the lesson experience - chord lesson, then a strumming pattern, a song, useful tips, then some real-life interviews.
Not only am I learning a lot, I feel spiritually edified by listening to the interviews and going through the lessons. Really a unique product.

(Posted on 1/19/12)
Worth the Price | Review by Chris
Ease Of Use
This DVD has been very helpful to me as a long time worship leader, yet beginning guitarist. The production quality of the video is mediocre, but the quality of the content is very good. What took this over the top for me was the ability to see some of the most famous worship leaders in the world sharing plainly from the heart on a living room couch. To that point, I must that this kind of honest sharing makes the videos over the top awesome.

(Posted on 1/8/12)
It looks good for a Christian country rock stile | Review by J.E. Mitch
Ease Of Use
This seems like a good resource for leaning guitar. The problem I have is the style is based on rock or country which is fine but I want to learn gospel guitar witch is different than the Christian country rock style. When I say Gospel I am talking about R&B Gospel.
So far I have not found anyone that can teach it. What I have found. leaves a lot to be desired some make a DVD and do a show and tell that is difficult to follow. there are no diagrams no tab nothing. which leaves me to try and figure it out.
(Posted on 11/19/11)
Very easy to follow, yet effective | Review by Maenon
Ease Of Use
I've been self-teaching myself to play the guitar on and off for the past 2 years now and learnt a couple of bad habits, this is the first time I've had something structured and specific to follow and boy I'm glad I bought this DVD set, Andy's a great teacher and guitarist, he helps beginners to progress to the point of being able to play in no time at all, give yourself 10-15 minutes a day for about 2-3 weeks and you should be able to play some of the more popular worship songs being sung in churches quite easily.

Andy introduces some of the strumming patterns being used in today's popular songs sung in churches and if you stick to it you may actually find yourself playing and sounding like some of those records! Those drum grooves provided are also great accompaniment to your playing.
(Posted on 10/5/11)
Simple and easy to follow | Review by Es
Ease Of Use
Our church worship leader bought this and he said 'You must have a look!' It was great, easy to follow and super helpful!
(Posted on 2/5/11)
Great resource for Church! | Review by Mike
Ease Of Use
My church is using this dvd and although I watched a little bit, I thought it is a great way to start learning guitar!
(Posted on 2/1/11)
Very easy to watch | Review by Mark Boast
Ease Of Use
My wife bought me Beginners Worship Guitar less than two months after I'd got my 1st guitar. I'm no spring chicken so expected learning to be more difficult and was worried the tone would be too much like watching a yoof TV show. I needn't have worried. Andy is very easy to watch though I'm not the quickest of learners. The only thing I really struggled with was the audio practice tracks were I found it difficult to keep track of where I was meant to be up to. Anyway largely thanks to Andy's patience - no matter how many times I replayed a section he never seemed to get annoyed - I now lead worship in our little church.
(Posted on 1/17/11)

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