Guitar Training Tracks Volume 3

Guitar Training Tracks Volume 3

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Worship Guitar Training Tracks

Training Track backing track album (MP3 download) featuring the 10 worship songs learnt in the Guitar Workbook Songbook volume 3.

  • Two versions of each song - one at full speed for leading worship and a slowed down version for practice. Both include three split track mixes:

  • Left "stripped down" mix for learning (vocals and guitar and click only)

  • Centre "full band" mix for practising (includes click and vocal cue)

  • Right "worship leading" mix (band minus lead vocals, acoustic, click, cue) 

Whilst these are designed to accompany the Musciademy Beginning Worship Guitar DVDs Workbook Songbooks (which include chord charts and strumming patterns to each of the songs) they are also useful as backing tracks for leading worship and guitar practice.

Training Tracks

  • Learn the part with the slowed down track

  • Practice with the full speed band track

  • Lead worship with the backing track 

For every song you get two versions. One at a slowed down pace designed to help you practice the chords to and a split track version at regular speed.

The songs on this Training Track Album are:

The new songs featured exclusively in Workbook 3 are:

  1. Our God Saves

  2. Revelation Song

  3. This is My Desire

  4. Happy Day

  5. From the Inside Out

  6. Thankyou For Saving Me

  7. 10,000 Reasons in E

  8. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

  9. Hosanna (Hillsong)

  10. You’ll Come

How do the split track mixes work?

Split tracks are specially mixed versions of songs that allow you to change the instrument mix simply by turn the audio balance on your computer or Hi-Fi system to the left or the right. In most computers the audio balance is located in your ‘control panel’ or ‘audio preferences’ settings. In our Training Tracks moving the balance left or right gives you the following mix:

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