Play By Ear And Understand Chords

Play By Ear and Understand Chords

Play By Ear and Understand Chords

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Ear training, music theory and chord construction made easy

A comprehensive course for learning to play by ear and understand how chords are made up. Designed for all instruments with examples shown for guitar, keyboard, bass and vocals. Great for transcribing, arranging, transposing, improvising, songwriting or just getting away from the sheet music. This  8-hour course will guide you through the process of working out what chord comes next in any song by ear then how to transpose into any other key. It will even teach you how to substitute chords to change the mood or feel of a song. Perfect for working out chord charts from CDs, song writers, band directors or anyone wanting a thorough understanding of chord theory. Plus each section includes plenty of in-depth demos, play alongs and there are 16 tests to maximise your learning.

Who is it suitable for?

Suitable for guitar, bass, keyboard & orchestral players, even singers. Anyone who wants to improve their understanding of music theory and learn to play by ear.

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