Is your website safe to buy from?

Yes. As well as having a SSL Certified secure site, Musicademy itself does not store your payment details. These are taken on a https page hosted by a PCI compliant third party website and the payment is processed by one of the world’s leading merchant services providers.

See our Privacy Policy for further reassurance that we do not supply any user details to other third parties so you won’t get any spam as a result of giving your email to us.

Why is payment in US Dollars?

We anticipate that the majority of our subscribers will be in North America so have chosen to use US Dollars as the main currency. Rather than face the considerable extra costs (and inevitably pass these onto Users) of providing multiple currencies, for the present we are working in US Dollars only. Your card provider will convert the fee to your home currency at the prevailing rates. Please note that occasionally banks will charge a foreign exchange fee.  To avoid this we recommend you use a card which does not charge a levy for international purchases.

Can I cancel mid subscription? How do I unsubscribe?

You can cancel at any time but you will continue to have access for the period for which you have paid. Because you will have benefited from a reduced monthly rate during your subscription to date you cannot have a refund mid subscription.

If you do want to unsubscribe simply go to your account and cancel your subscription and you will not be charged again.

During the subscription period you will still have access to all the lessons. After the subscription period has ended your subscription will automatically be renewed and you will be charged again at the current prevailing rate for the time frame your initial subscription was for.

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Yes. This is a subscription site and unless you cancel your subscription it will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period (these are one month, one quarter, one year).

You can cancel at any time but you will continue to have access for the period for which you have paid.

If you do want to unsubscribe simply go to your account and cancel your subscription and you will not be charged again.

I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. We provide a number of Featured Lessons free of charge so that you can evaluate the service prior to subscribing. If in doubt, sign up for a single month. This is still significantly cheaper than purchasing a DVD course but you will still have access to all our 1,200+ lessons.

What's the small print on billing?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information than is contained in these FAQs.

I want to move from a short term subscription to a longer one

The longer your subscription, the lower the costs are per month. If you start off on a six month subscription and then decide you would prefer to move to a 12 month subscription you will need to give notice on your six month subscription, wait until that expires and then move to a 12 month subscription.

Why do I need to enter my card details again when I buy an add-on product?

The first time you purchase an “add-on” product such as an EveryKey Chord Chart or Workbook, you will be asked to input your payment details. This is so that subscribers that have a multi-user license can add their own private credit card details for “their” purchases rather than it automatically being deducted from a church credit card (which may not be authorised for additional purchases).

Once you have made one purchase you will not be asked for card details again but you can update your card for add-ons by going to your Account.


What specification of computer or device do I need to access the Subscription lessons?

The website should work with any computer with a reasonable basic specification – PC or Mac, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Lessons are streamed, and some of these are in HD which can require a relatively fast broadband connection. If in doubt check the Featured Lessons on the home page before you subscribe. If these work (the Bass lesson is a good one to test with), you should not have problems once you have subscribed with the other lessons.

Can I use the same login on my computer and my smart phone?

Yes you can. Not only will the site work on PC or Mac, iPad, tablet or smartphone, you can log in on whichever device is handy to you at the time.

All we ask is that you don’t share your login details with anyone else.

Multi-user Subscriptions

How do I change from one type of Multi-User license to another?

To do this you need to unsubscribe from your current license (this will take a month to take effect). After that please purchase the new subscription you require.

How do I set up logins for my team?

First of all you buy the correct number of licenses (one for you if you need one and one for each of your team). The system then guides you to add a user by specifying first name, last name and email address.

Our system will then send each user a welcome email that gives them their unique login – this is their email address and a password. Once logged in users can modify their password to something memorable.

Can I change which of my team have membership?

Yes. You can remove and replace users in the Manage Team section as often as you like.

Can users share logins?

No. Each user needs a unique login. If you have paid for e.g. 5 users, please do not exploit the system by allowing 6 people access. This is illegal and contravenes our Terms and Conditions.

I want to test the service before buying a subscription for my team. Can I do that at the Multi-user rate?

Unfortunately no. We have tried to keep the system really simple to avoid getting bogged down with a lot of admin with confusing interim arrangements and swaps.

You should either buy a single user 1 month subscription (remember to cancel this once you have subscribed to avoid being charged for subsequent months) or buy a Multi-user license at the lowest cost (i.e. for two people) and take it from there.

Can we use the site for group teaching?

Yes you can. And your students will be able to access the lessons from home as well as in the class.

Simply buy a Multi-user license for the correct number of students and tutors combined. We would strongly recommend also buying the Add-on products (where available) such as the Workbooks and Training Tracks as these will give your student the best possible start in their learning, and provide plenty of homework to practise with.

Other Questions

Is everything really included?

Within the subscription fee we have included everything that was made available within the cost of the original DVD courses. These often include basic chord charts and sometimes also include backing tracks. You will get access to a growing library of over 1,200 lessons.

For some courses we have also made available “Add-on” products for an additional fee. These may be Workbooks, Songbooks, Backing Tracks, EveryKey Chord Charts and Super Chord Charts.

But I only want to access lessons for one instrument

We thought long and hard about offering reduced subscriptions for single instrument groups but decided against it for two reasons. Apart from a desire to keep the pricing as simple as possible, our research shows that many of our customers are multi-instrumentalists (or at least sing and play an instrument). Secondly, your subscription gives you access to a number of courses suitable for any instrument such as Playing By Ear and our upcoming Band Skills and Worship Leading courses.

Finally, many musicians dream of learning another instrument (for instance guitarists moving to bass), our portfolio of courses makes that possible within the one subscription.

If you really feel that the subscription fee is too high for the small number of courses that you want to access then you still have the option to buy the physical DVDs or our permanent downloads over at main webstore.

How much experience do I need?

We’ve got lessons in all the main instruments (and vocals) from Beginner level through to either Intermediate or Advanced. We try to group the courses in order from the easiest to the hardest so if in doubt, start at the beginning.

How often will you add new material?

Musicademy has an ongoing programme of filming and editing new courses. Currently in the pipeline we have a Band Skills course (due fore release in November 2015) and Worship Leading course (2016). We intend to add further Guitar, Bass and Keys lessons throughout 2016.

I already have the DVDs/Downloads. Can I get a discount?

Unfortunately no. The admin would simply be too complex. And very few of our existing customers have purchased everything in our portfolio!

Does the MultiTrack Player come as part of the subscription?

No. Musicademy’s sister organisation Worship Backing Band sells a MultiTrack Player and MultiTrack backing tracks. These are not provided as part of the Musicademy subscription. Please go to the Worship Backing Band website for further information about those product.

I have other questions on worship musicianship or instruments. Where can I ask them?

We have a huge archive of free resources on the main Musicademy website covering many aspects of worship music as well as gear guides for instruments and lots of musician tips and tricks. Look at the categories and instrument groups listed on the right hand side to find what you are looking for. If you are still struggling try using Google with the search term “Musicademy+your question”.

If you don’t find the answer there then you can email us (we’ll often throw the question anonymously out to our Facebook subscribers as they are awesome at difficult questions). Or you can submit the question directly on the Facebook Page.